Friday, September 23, 2016


A rare moment where all 7 grandkids were together. All boys. 
Yup...Sherman girls only know how to make boys.

Ages from left to right: 12, 2, 4, 5, 7, 14, 8

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yarn Along

Hi fiber friends. I'm ready for fall weather, how about you? Not winter, but fall can come. It's been sticky and humid the past few days at the Jersey Shore. I'm ready for jeans, boots and hand knit shawls. I've been busy knitting and reading this week. Thought I would share what I have going on with the rest of the yarn along peeps.

I am down to ONE sleeve. I hate sleeves. SO much. Then I have to seam, and add the collar.
Knitting with Miss Babs Yowza yarn.
Sweater: Illas Cies

 I'm at the point in knitting my Golden Child shawl that it's hard to take a picture of it. So that means I'm close to the end! It's been a fun knit but man oh man, knitting garter stitch with fingering yarn takes a LONG time.

Golden Child Shawl: Link

Knitting for the farm store....Working with gray 100% alpaca yarn to knit up a cozy slouchy ribbed hat. It's so soft. Holding yarn double to make it extra squishy and warm.

And for reading....
I'm reading The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood. 
Total girl book, for book lovers, and I'm loving it. Flying through it.

Happy knitting and reading. What are you working on?
Joining in with Ginny at Small Things. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yarn Along


I've been a busy bee. Knitting and reading every chance I get these days.
Even if it's just a row or two here and there, the needles are clicking!

I knitted up some hats for the farm store. Been into bulky knits lately, so stash busting and holding a bunch of yarn together to make some kid size hats. All alpaca and wool blends.

I am also making progress on my Illas Cies sweater. Rhinebeck will be here before I know it (YAY) so I want to finish this up with hopes of wearing it. This is one of the sleeves. Just have to do the other one and then seam, collar and block!!!

Still knitting my Golden Child shawl. It's more than half way done and I am really enjoying knitting it. It's easy garter stitch with some stripes, solids and a textured section.

I finished reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I would recommend it. It's long, but worth it.
I just put The Queen of the Night on hold at the library. It looks good!

(photo of me and the boys taken by my sister, Andee)

And that last photo is all the cousins on the Sherman side. We spent the morning at Allaire State Park celebrating Wade's 4th birthday with some pork roll and cheese sandwiches, a walk, train ride and general store candy pit-stop. It's not very often that we have all the boys together these days. With all of them getting older and busier we are all going in different it was nice to all be together for a little while. 

Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wish Caster

Wish I may, wish I might, get the wish I wish tonight.

Welcome little beautiful rose gray boy. He was born a week ago today.

Arrow Acres Wish Caster

Dam: FDA Bisturi's Royal Rose Blush
Sire: Arrow Acres CCNF Smoke Ring

Isn't he adorable?!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yarn Along

Happy Yarn Along Day

Over the summer Chase requested that I knit him a bunny. We picked out the pattern together and I started it. Then it got put in a bag and forgotten about. On Monday, he asked where his knit bunny was and did I finish it? So, I found it in a forgotten project bag and finished this cutie up for him.

He loves it and hasn't put it down since.

Free pattern "Henry's Bunny" on Ravelry: I renamed mine Chase's Bunny

I finished reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. A very good read. Long, but good.

Now I need a new book!!!
Any recommendations?

Happy knitting. Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yarn Along at the Inlet

I headed down to the Manasquan Inlet last night with two of my boys. There is a tropical storm brewing out in the ocean which brings out the surfers. Lots of great waves, people watching and surf. I got in some more knitting on my Golden Child shawl while Chase and Garrett played on the rocks.

This knit is very easy but the rows are getting longer and garter stitch in sock yarn is well, ya know...slow. 

I'm still reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I'm almost done and although it was a bit wordy and long, it's worth the read. I really like it. You have to pay attention though! Clues pop in out of the blue while you read.

Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along. What are you reading and knitting?