Thursday, October 27, 2022

Fall is Here

 It finally looks like fall here at the Jersey Shore! I got my sourdough starter out of hibernation and made a yummy loaf this week. I also made a big pot of turkey meatball soup. We devoured it all up.

I've been loving our puppy (who is growing like a weed!!!). He's been the best addition to our family. He loves his walks and being by our side at all time. He and Sox have quite the little friendship going too. They're very funny together. Walks always include both of them and they always make me laugh.

I am excited to look through the new cookbook I requested at the library. I really enjoy her recipes and this should be perfect for some new dinner ideas. Cooking for three instead of five is weird! But it does allow me to try some new things without investing a ton of money to feed three growing boys. 

Missing my college kids a lot. Looking forward to their Thanksgiving visits home. They're both doing well and that makes me happy but I sure do miss them.

The farm is open every weekend and we have had lots of nice visitors. Everything looks beautiful. My mom does a wonderful job of decorating and filling the store with gift items.

I should get back to work now...just wanted to say hello.

Hope you're having a nice week!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Sweater Update

 Obviously I didn't get this done for Rhinebeck. The combo of my schedule and my shoulder kept me from finishing. I thought I would get lots of knitting done on the porch in the Rhinebeck house. hah!!!! I think I knitted two rows tops! I spent too much time laughing and keeping busy doing other things (like food prep, food eating and drinking).

So here is my update! I split for the sleeves last night. I love doing color work sweaters so much. I wish I could just sit and knit all day. This is the Jupiter Crop by Caitlin Hunter.

What are you working on these days?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Rhinebeck 2022

Pictures are worth a thousand words.
My heart is full. My stomach hurts from laughing. 
My memories of this weekend will get me through the hard days of the daily grind. 

We were missing three of our housemates this year and they were in our thoughts the entire time. 
We'll be back together next year in our old house (although this house was wonderful!!)

Until next year....