Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pictures from my kid...

Our middle son is a student at UMass Amherst. This is his second semester there and he's been much better about sending me pictures! He knows I love pictures from school and they were far and few between last semester. That's ok...I get it. He was a freshman. I didn't want to bug him and he didn't really think much about it. But he soon realized after being home for winter break how much I loved seeing his pictures he took throughout the semester. 

Happy to report he's been sending me more updates and pictures. I love them. He sent these yesterday from inside the Durfee Conservatory. It's such a cool space near his dorm. I walked through it last fall and it's a beautiful spot! Here's some info on the greenhouse:

The Durfee Conservatory, located on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus and established in 1867, has a rich history.

Tucked away in a hustling and bustling campus of over 25,000 students, this greenhouse complex is a sanctuary of calm and serenity. In sunny weather students sit and read in the outside gardens. In the biting cold of winter, many take a few minutes on their way to class, to warm themselves in the ‘rainforest’ room.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Photo Dump!

I've been slacking with my posts! So here's a good ol' photo dump :)
The past two weeks...
Took my UMass boy back after a nice spring break. So good to have him home for a week. It gets harder to say goodbye! It never get's easier! Lots of walks with Buddy. The weather is getting a tad warmer and sunnier so we've been enjoying it as much as possible!

I worked on my Spark Cardi a lot and finished it (last night!!!!) I need to take some proper finished object photos this week. We worked on putting up new fencing around the big pumpkin patch. I'm so excited. I plan to plant a bunch of flowers amongst the gourds and pumpkins. Maybe a small veggie patch too. 

The chickens FINALLY starting laying eggs again. I think only two or three are laying but it's so nice to have some fresh eggs in the morning again. Baseball season is back and that means lots of knitting time at the fields. Looking forward to cheering my youngest on. It's kind of nice to just have one kid playing sports. That means you get to go to all the games. I remember the year I had all three boys playing on multiple teams each and I missed so much. 

And the last two photos are very special. I was surprise gifted a beautiful made "just for me" sweater by the lovely Valerie (creationsbyvalerie on instagram). We've met over the internet through instagram, patreon and knitting zooms. I was lucky to meet her in person last year at Maryland Sheep & Wool. She's spreading kindness every day! She picked two patterns and knitted one for me and one for Liz. She knew exactly what color and style I like and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! And bonus...it pairs perfectly with my newly finished Spark Cardi! Can't believe it's the end of March and April is on Saturday. The year is flying by.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Let's celebrate!

My mom's birthday is tomorrow but we thought it would be fun to surprise her with a birthday party at the farm this past Saturday. We invited our local fiber friends, had some cupcakes, brownies, subs and had a great time! I love our group. We are so lucky to all have each other. And it was so nice to celebrate my mom! We're liking this new birthday tradition!!!


Monday, March 13, 2023

My new favorite breakfast

I have a new favorite breakfast!

 I was inspired by this breakfast by Half-Baked Harvest. I made it following her directions with a bagel but had issues with the egg cooking properly. So I've revamped it for me.

In a frying pan, add some parmesan cheese and pesto (I add it to be the size of a piece of bread or bagel depending on what I have at home). Then add the bread (or bagel) on top of the cheese mixture.
While that cooks, fry an egg in the same pan but next to the bread. I sprinkle some "Everything but the Bagel" seasoning from Trader Joes on top of the egg.

While they are cooking, make a quick little salad. I use arugula/spinach with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and some red pepper flakes.

When the egg is perfectly cooked, put it on top of the bread, plop it all on your plate and cover it with the salad. It's DELICIOUS!!!!!! I always have it with some orange juice in my favorite yellow cup that was gifted to me by my cousin Carolyn during our Rhinebeck trip last year.

Quick, easy, delicious!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Visit to Frame & Fiber

 My friend Paige owns the beautiful Frame and Yarn shop, Frame & Fiber in Point Pleasant, NJ.
I had to drop off some certificates to be framed for my job so I took the time for a nice visit over my lunch hour. I picked up my sister Liz and we headed over.
Her shop was a frame shop and over the years transitioned to also carrying yarn. It's been a place that we have gathered with friends, knitting, laughing, visiting, and eating lunch in the back room together.

She is once again going back to being a frame shop only and has been selling yarn at discount on Etsy. She will have another sale soon so keep your eyes out for that!!! There's some beautiful yarn still available. I took some photos while I was there. The first picture is the yarn Liz got to make another pair of socks. So fun and colorful!

Samples of knits, books to peruse. So many pretty things!

I love this sweater.

And lots more of them so this book came home with me :)

I designed the logo so I kind of love this pic...a lot.

All the embroidery and weaving you see on the wall were done by Paige. She's so talented!

After our visit, Liz and I got some yummy lunch at Shore Fresh. I got a crab cake sandwich and she got a lobster roll. We enjoyed them on the Point Pleasant side of the inlet.

Later that day, I took Buddy for a walk and he got spooked by a big dog and bolted...taking me down with him! I hurt my toe. So I spent the weekend sitting and knitting. I went to the orthopedic urgent care and I have a small fracture. Nothing major. I'll be just fine. It's sore but not too bad now.

While I sat and knitted all weekend, I also binged this show, Somebody Feed Phil. It's been on for years! And I never knew about it. I LOVED it!!!! My favorite part is when he calls his parents.

Each episode follows Rosenthal touring the cuisine of the episode's featured city, and spotlights charities and non-profit organizations that operate in the region. 

I've made a lot of progress on my Spark Cardigan. I love knitting it!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023


It's a new month and I like to gather up some inspirational photos and ideas to think about.
Every day I scroll Pinterest as I sip my last bits of coffee when I log into work. I save things I like, no reason other than that. So here are a few things I've saved along the way...

I have a pair of jeans that fit well but have two large rips that have gotten a little too big. So I want to mend them. I love all the artistic ways to do it. I'm also wanting to knit some comfy socks for Rick.
As always, some sweaters, outfits and quilts caught my eye. And the simple house decorations were pretty too. And that yummy looking comfort meal! Want to try that for sure. What has inspired you lately?

You can see all my Pins and links here.