Monday, August 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Today marks the last day of August and that means it's almost time to say goodbye to summer.
September in New Jersey is one of our best months. The beach crowds head out and the weather is still warm and summery. We will be gearing up for our big farm day at the end of September, knitting for the shop, teaching classes, planning our winter and of course, getting the kids off to school every morning.

With the close of August, we will be closing our Arrow Acres Summer KAL.

It's been fun to see what people have been knitting all summer long.
Here are a few of the projects from our Ravelry  group page.

So many inspiring projects were on our needles and hooks all summer.
The prize thread will be begin this week!
Lots of beautiful goodies to give away.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


An afternoon at Nan and GPop's house.....

Welcome to my grandparent's house. I am extremely lucky to have grandparents still in my life.
These are my dad's parents, other wise know as Nan and GPop.
They are the parents of three children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.
They live in Manasquan, just a stone throw from my husband's work and the family millwork business. For those of you that don't know the other side of our life, my dad runs the family millwork business named W.F. Sherman & Son, Inc. It has been a family run business since 1878. It is the oldest running business in Manasquan and a staple in this area.

My kids and I stopped by tonight for a visit and had a great time. We rode bikes in the driveway. The same driveway that all of us learned to ride. Chase had fun pumping up every tire that needed, or didn't need air. Then we headed inside and ventured down to the basement.

My parents and grandparents used to go "bottle hunting". Bottle hunting is when you head out to the woods and poke the ground until you hear a clink sound and dig up old bottles. I remember going a few times as a kid and thinking it was soooo boring. I didn't find thrill in the hunt and I thought it was weird to dig up old bottles. Well, as an adult, I am totally fascinated by this!!! I have a greater appreciation for the bottles and we had a good time looking at the collection.
The small medicine bottles were so interesting and some had really funny sayings on them.
My kids liked the poison bottles that had ridges on them. They were totally confused that people would keep poison in their house and that they didn't have electricity and needed bumps on the bottle so they didn't accidentally drink it at night!

The collection is extensive and my grandparents told me I could take some home.
Yay! The boys and I all picked out a few bottles for our house.

My grandfather collects old woodworking tools. He has them displayed in his basement along with artifacts, photographs and history of the mill. My kids were very interested in the BBGuns.
They got a chance to target shoot and little bit. They also had fun playing with cork guns.

We really had a great time. The boys thought the basement was awesome and want to go back for more target shooting asap. had a little peek into some of the collections in my grandparent's house.
Bottles, tools, heights on a door, handmade bowls and memories.
All good stuff.

Hi Nan

Hi Nan :) Summer is usually a light time for blogging. A house full of people all the time, nicer weather and busy schedules equals less time for me to sit and blog. My grandmother noticed that my posts have been light. So, hi Nan. Here's a little post for you.

I teach knitting here on the farm. It's one of my favorite things to do. Sit with people, share a craft and see them succeed. We have created a very nice community here at the farm and friendships have been formed all through the love of knitting, yarn and animals.

One of my knitters gifted me this gorgeous skein of yarn. She picked it up on her trip to Savannah, Georgia. It means so much to know she thought of me on her trip and wanted to get me something!
It's the most beautiful raspberry color. I love the name of the yarn and the tag had a great little story.
I love that. Yarn with a story. I'll be sure to knit something very special with it.

The coloring book was a belated birthday gift from my friend, Quinn.
She knows me very well and knew how much I would love it! She gave me another one too but I forgot to photograph it. I used to LOVE to color. Sometimes when I'm having a mental creative block, I can pick up some colored pencils and do some mindless coloring. It helps get the creative juices flowing!

I have made a lot of progress on my cardigan. I am knitting this with Beaverslide Dry Goods 2/ply yarn in the Hidden Lake color on size US5 needles. It's been a slow go but I just divided for the front left.
The pattern is the Olive Basket by Amy Miller.
Ravelry Link: Maine Lake Cardigan
I named it Maine Lake because of the yarn color and the memory of the lake in Maine we visited every summer of my childhood. I loved that lake and I'll think of it every time I wear this cardi.

Our girls are getting big and eggs should be soon!

A pretty picture of some of Smoke Ring's daughters.
Peanut, Winnie (Wenge) and Boo (Bootiful)
All getting so big! Wenge is on her way to the Breeder's Edge Auction. 
This is the first time my parents are there to sell and not buy!
Very exciting...nerve wracking too. The person that bids on her will be very happy to have her on their farm. She's a beautiful sweet girl.

 Enjoy the last days of summer! We have a week and a half until school starts for my kids.
Remember when I said I was so happy to have them home????'s time for school.