Tuesday, September 30, 2014

National Alpaca Farm Days 2014

Hello friends! We had an amazing weekend during National Alpaca Farm Days and I thought I would share a bunch of photos from the two day event. Just a bit of background info...
National Alpaca Farm Days is a nationwide event that encourages alpaca farms to open their gates to the public for free so people can visit the animals, learn about the breed and shop the farm stores.
This was our 4th year participating and it was by far the best! Our visitors were amazing. So many nice people shared the experience with us. We feel so blessed to meet each and every one of you.
Enjoy some photos from the weekend....

We set up a tent that displayed all aspects of the fiber art end of the business.
From spinning wheels, a skirted blanket, roving, carders, and finished knits, we had it all.

 My grandfather (in the hat) had a good time helping out and talking to some guests and giving golf cart rides to those that needed some help getting around.
 Nan (my grandmother) was on hand to help out with all the little kids. She was a huge help!

We love to get people up close and personal to the alpacas and Smoke Ring was just the guy!
My mom brought him up to the pen and let everyone pet him. He was a happy guy.

  This is Lianna below, a reporter from the local paper The Coast Star. She wrote a beautiful article about us the week before the event. She stopped by for a visit and had a great time! Here she is taking a selfie with Smoke.

We always wonder how many people we have at farm day, so my dad came up with this clever idea to help us get a head count. The first day we saw a lot of people walk by but the second day we set it up so they had to walk through the tent. It worked out great! I'll give you the total at the end of the post.

The sisters came by for a visit! These ladies are the sweetest women and Smoke wanted to go say hello.

Chase never ever stopped the whole weekend. By the end of day one he was ready to have his farm back to himself. He claimed stake on the stone dust pile.

We had a new baby born on Friday so we had guests give us name suggestions! We are still picking our favorite.

The temps got a little too high on Saturday so my mom and Chase headed out to the field to hose the herd. The crowd loved it!

Here's our new baby girl! She was the BEST this weekend!!!

We had spinning wheel demonstrations throughout the day.

Baby Grant was awesome all weekend. He smiled for the crowds.

 Lots and lots of cute kids.

The tractors were a hit. My dad set them up so the kids could climb on them.

 So nice to see friends that I haven't seen in a long time!

The Coop (our farm store) was busy all weekend!


 Coloring station set up for the kids is also a hit. (Nan helped out!)

Yay! Some of my favorite people :)

And then it was time to say goodbye and flip the signs to closed.
Time to toast the weekend and count the chips!

The sunset on this beautiful weekend.
According to our chips that were placed in the boxes, we had 288 returning friends and 486 new friends. And that's only the ones that put the chips in. Overall, it was a success and we had a blast. The weekend is exhausting but worth every minute. We are once again overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, enthusiasm and positivity we receive year after year. 

And on behalf of my parents and sisters, we want to thank you.
Thank you for visiting and making all of this fun and worth the work!

We hope to see you again real soon.