Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cover of the Magazine

The Voting Has Begun 

(This is from my sister, Andee's blog)

All photos are of Arrow Acres Alpacas :)

I have entered three of my photographs into the 2014 AOA National Conference Photo Competition.  The voting is open to the public and you can vote online. You can vote for one picture per category once a day.
Here are my entries.
Adult- Alpaca's Interacting
Adult- Black & White
Adult- Cria

The People's Choice Winner will get their picture on the cover of Alpacas Magazine!
So feel free to go over and vote. Of course you don't have to vote for my pictures.
But if you do Thank You in advance!!!
The three pictures are under my name Andee Fagan and farm name Arrow Acres Farm.
Thanks again.
ps- The 2014 National Conference is March 14-16th. I am not sure when the voting for the photographs online ends, but I think it should be open for a few weeks.
NOTE: You have to click the pictures you would like to vote for then go to the BOTTOM of the page to submit your votes.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yarn Along

The days fly by!
We had a few warmer days this weekend and it was wonderful. My bones warmed up and hurt less.
But winter has returned with freezing temps. Really wish my cardigan I was knitting was farther along so I could wear it right now!!!

I am knitting the Channel Cardigan out of the latest Jared Flood patterns.
I picked up the new John Grisham novel, Sycamore Row.
The character of the lawyer from Time to Kill is in this book as well.
So picturing Matthew McCoughauney while I read isn't too hard to handle :)

On my sweater...
I finished up both sleeves and they're the same length. Phew!
My gauge was very off on my samples so I ended up with a size 5. The yarn definitely would be much happier on a 7 or 9 so it's hard on my hands. The yarn is worsted by Beaverslide but I have found it much bulkier than a worsted. DK would have been a better choice.
Oh well.....I'll keep knitting away.

We have a new line of yarn in the farm store and it's sooo exciting!
I'm knitting up a sample hat with some of the alpaca duo tweed yarn.
It's so soft and I'm loving the texture. The hat is worked around and then sewn up at the end.
It's a fun hat. I just made two other ones this past week.
Ravlery: Cool Wool

The farm will be OPEN today, Wednesday February 26th from 11-4.
Swing by and say hi!

Joining with Ginny for the weekly yarn along.

-Happy Knitting!

Monday, February 24, 2014

"A Magical Place"

I spotted a recent comment left on Ravelry about our farm and thought I would share it :)

"It’s a magical place! Alpacas, lots of cute little kids (of the human variety), and wonderful, warm people running the place. The shop is lovely. "- Ginab

Thank you Gina. I think so too...
Here are some photos of the farm taken during the warmer months.
I am soooo ready for summer sunshine.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Farm OPEN on Friday...Yarn, Knitting & Eggs

Farm will be OPEN on Friday February 21st 10-4
We have new yarn, new merchandise, so come on in and say hi!

Sharing some new photos, knits and random things.....

(Cowl for Liz....alpaca sweater and yarn for sale in the store)
NEW YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a crazy winter it has been here at the Jersey Shore.
We have had more snow on the ground, delayed openings, school closings and muddy slushy roads more this year than we've had in a long time. It's left us all with weird schedules and a frazzled feeling. That said, I do love the snow. It's beautiful and gives me a sense of calm and cozy be in the house and knit and bake and cook feeling. But I can say that because I'm not the one that has to plow us out every time it storms. (thank you Dad) The snow has given me more time with  my kids (whether I like it or not!!!) and of course, knitting time.

I have had a few custom orders that I have been plugging away at while also a birthday gift for my sister, Liz. I made the Shallow Cowl and I am thrilled with how it turned out.
So pretty and she loved it. Win Win!

The farm store is officially stocked with NEW YARN!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh! Heaven I tell ya.
We are now carrying a big line of Cascade Alpaca Yarn. We have a few different kinds in all colors...
natural undyed, spring colors, gorgeous purples, tweeds and more. 

One of the best parts of the farm is all the people we have met.
We are so lucky to have the best customers and community members that get excited about what we're doing and share in the excitement. Through one of my knitting students, I met someone that has her own flock of chickens and she is now our official fresh egg lady! 
We're her first customers and happy to be :)
We stopped by to get our 2 dozen eggs and had some fun meeting the feathered ladies.
We got to pet them. So soft!!! I had no idea! Anywho, just a fun thing. Love that we can have fresh eggs from around the corner and through someone I met at the farm.

Oh...and that last picture is Chase doing the dishes. ALL ON HIS OWN.
Good kid.

Ok....gotta run. Please stop by the farm tomorrow :) We'd love to see you.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Yarn...New Roof...Back in Business!!!

Exciting news!!!!!!! 
We are now carrying a huge line of Cascade Alpaca Yarn!
It's is gorgeous, soft and affordable. 
A big shipment just arrived and we're busy getting everything
in the store all set up! 
And we have a new we'll be Open for business this week regular hours!


Come on in and squish some alpaca yarn :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Farm Closed Today- Friday Feb. 14th

Hi Folks

We apologize for closing today, Friday February 14th. We are in the process of getting a new roof on the farm store and the snow storm delayed the work. We'll be open regular hours next week.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day! Swag sends you a kiss!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yarn Along

Last week my sister, Liz, celebrated her 29th birthday.
How is it that she is 29? She still looks 15. Why didn't I get those genes?
She requested a hand knit infinity scarf for her birthday.
So we picked out the yarn together and I started knitting.
(She asked for this 4 days before her bday so obviously it was going to be a belated gift)

I'm knitting up the Shallows Scarf
in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend- Oxygen colorway

Almost done with The Goldfinch
I've been waiting to have a good chunk of time to finish it in one sitting.
That's how I like to finish a book. Love this one.

Happy knitting!
Stay warm Jersey Girls! More snow on the way tonight!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hand Knit Alpaca Blanket

A labor of love I tell ya.

I knit this blanket using white alpaca/bamboo yarn from our friend's alpaca farm.
It is the Shale Baby Blanket pattern by Jared Flood
If you are looking to knit a beautiful, fairly mindless blanket that is heirloom quality,
this is a perfect pattern. It looks complicated but it's not.
It is time consuming, Obviously! But you don't need to look at the pattern after your first few repeats.
You'll have it memorized in no time. That's how I like to work.

Ravelry Link: White Shale Blanket

I hope everyone that has been impacted with the recent ice/snow storm is ok.
I have family and friends in PA without power and heat with not much hope for
power restoration until Sunday. Stay warm all!

Happy Knitting,

Breeding Introductory Rates!

Planning your 2014 breedings? We've got the perfect LRG stud for you!

ARROW ACRES FARM is proud to present CCNF Smoke Ring. I'm not sure what's better, his personality, confirmation, or fleece! They are ALL outstanding! AFD 17 microns.
Take advantage of our limited introductory breedings for $1,250 while they last!
He has 6 confirmed pregnancies from Spring and Fall 2013 breedings.

1st Place - 2011 North American
4th Place - 2011 Futurity
1st Place - 2011 Northeast Alpaca Expo
1st Place - 2011 Green Mountain Show
1st Place - 2012 Spring Bling Fleece Show
1st Place - 2012 Minnesota Alpaca Expo Fleece Show
1st Place - 2012 New England Fleece Classic
1st Place - 2012 Great Midwest Alpaca Festival (fleece)
1st Place - 2013 North American Alpaca Show
1st Place - 2013 Pennsylvania Owners & Breeders Associates (fleece)
Reserve Champion Grey Huacaya - 2012 Great Midwest Alpaca Festival (fleece)
Reserve Champion Grey Huacaya - 2013 North American Alpaca Show
Champion Grey Huacaya - 2013 Pennsylvania Owners & Breeders Associates (fleece)

For ARI information please visit our website

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yarn Along

A book that I can't put down.
A new cardigan on the needles. Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood
Knitted with Beaverslide Worsted Yarn in Winter Wheat Colorway
A custom order baby blanket blocking and drying.

Joining in with the Yarn Along over at Ginny's blog.

Feeling like Alaska at the Jersey Shore

Brrrr. Snowy days here at the Jersey Shore!!!!