Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yarn Along

Last week my sister, Liz, celebrated her 29th birthday.
How is it that she is 29? She still looks 15. Why didn't I get those genes?
She requested a hand knit infinity scarf for her birthday.
So we picked out the yarn together and I started knitting.
(She asked for this 4 days before her bday so obviously it was going to be a belated gift)

I'm knitting up the Shallows Scarf
in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend- Oxygen colorway

Almost done with The Goldfinch
I've been waiting to have a good chunk of time to finish it in one sitting.
That's how I like to finish a book. Love this one.

Happy knitting!
Stay warm Jersey Girls! More snow on the way tonight!


  1. Um, you DID get those genes. You look exactly the same as when you were 16.

  2. another beautiful that color! We are getting ready for the snow to hit as well! Lot's of time to knit right!!

  3. Very pretty scarf. I love the yarn color.