Friday, September 30, 2011

Cria Cam

Today while the boys were playing with the Praying Mantis. The girls got a special visit from Dr. B & a technician with an ultrasound machine. The girls were on their best behavior and they didn't mind having the scan done at all.

Wdamo munched on a piece of hay during her scan.

The girls weren't sure exactly what was going on so they waited patiently in the corner.

It's a cria!!! You can see two legs. I wrote legs in green so you would know where to look. At the time I took the picture I thought the head was on the left, but now I can't be positive.

In the end it was a pretty cool experience.


What is That Thing???

I think Sanda and the Praying Mantis were both saying at the same time,

"What the heck is that thing?"

Arrow Acres Herd Pack Note Cards

One pack has 12 note cards and envelopes. One for each of Arrow Acres Farms' alpacas. One the back of each card gives a brief description about the alpacas.

Have a Great Weekend


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!

We were so busy around here the past week or so getting ready for Farm Day that knitting has been put to the side. I was feeling "off" yesterday. Walking home from my kids bus stop I realized, that although I had been reading a great book, I haven't had knitting needles in my hands in over 4 days. Gasp. Yes, unreal. So, after Chase took a nap and I finished my design work that needed to be done, I sat my butt down and knitted. Ahhh and it was glorious.
Seriously, I'm weird yes, but knitting keeps me sane.

On Liz's Crochet Hooks:

A woman that stopped by for Farm Day told Liz about these great scarves. She made these up yesterday with some of her beautiful hand dyed yarn. LOVE these!
They are called broomstick scarves.
Here is a link to the ravelry page for the video instructions:

The pink scarf is made with sock yarn.
The yellow scarf is complete. So pretty.

Off Andee's Needles:
The Scarf!
This scarf is sooooo soft. Made from 100% baby alpaca.
Here are details on the scarf:
am calling this scarf "The Scarf"

It appears like a simple K1, P1 scarf but instead of a plain K I am knitting through the bottom of the K stitch. So basically I am knitting each row twice. Progress has been slow, but I love how it is turning out. Right now it measures 9-1/2" wide x 43" long. If I wasn't knitting through the bottom it would measure about 8" wide x 86" long.

Ravelry link for The Scarf

On and Off Leanne's Needles:

I finally got the second sleeve started on my Bluebells Peasy. I hate sleeves.
Last night I finished reading, Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb. Crazy, happy, sad, sweet, charming, odd wonderful book.

This picture was taken of me and Chase last night. I looked tired in it. I am tired...all the time. But this is my life right now...knitting with a baby sleeping on my lap. Good stuff.

(Chase sleeping in my arms while I knit.)

This is my Hurricane Irene Hat. I knitted this up during the storm but never really posted any pictures of it. I love it and can't wait to wear it.

Poppy Hat. I made this as a gift for my husband's co-worker's baby girl.

That's it for now! I hope you all have a wonderful week full of knitting.


Monday, September 26, 2011

National Alpaca Farm Day 2011!

We did it. We survived our second National Alpaca Farm Day!

This year was just as busy as last year, but I felt like we had much more to offer.
In the past few weeks, one of our sheds was transformed to house some goodies for the weekend. The tent was put up, the pumpkins were picked, the alpacas were shuffled into the appropriate pens and fields, the parking signs were posted, the food was put out, the rain held off and we opened our gates on Saturday morning at 10:00.

This year we had a pen set up under the tent. Three of our boys charmed the crowds. Sanda (the white alpaca) was the star. He loved it.

Smiling people filled our farm. We had a few hundred people come through over the weekend. Some read about us in the paper, some heard about us from friends, I recognized some from the Seniors of Wall and others were friends of ours. We were once again overwhelmed with the interest that is out there about us and the alpacas. It's fun to see people share in our joy and excitement.

This is the best friend you could ask for...This is Tara. She's not blood related to us, but the poor girl got sucked into our family and now we won't let her go. She was such a champ that she stood in that 10'x10' pen all day with three alpacas and cleaned up poop.

PUMPKINS! They grew. Woohoo! We gave the little orange gourds to every little kid.
Here's my old post about the pumpkins if you want to read the back story to the WooHoo comment. Pumpkins Post

Tara working hard again. Poor girl. She's going to start to reconsider being a part of this crazy family.

Lizzie gave spinning demos all weekend. People loved this. I heard so many nice comments about her. I think it's the first time a lot of people had ever seen this done.

Our nice neighbors, Alice and Herb dropped off delicious muffins
and a special nut free treat for Lizzie. They were wonderful!

This is the inside of the building. Just set up for the weekend. We had yarn, fleeces, our show ribbons, the drum carder and spinning wheel on display.

Liz and Nick displayed their handmade frames.

Fuzzy animals!

MomMom looked down on us the whole weekend. She would have loved this so much.

It was a great two days.

Now it's time to get ready for next year....

Happy Knitting, Farming, Alpaca Watching


Thank You

I have been busy today getting my house back in order after pure neglect while getting ready for Farm Day. So I have not had a chance to download the photos of our AMAZING weekend. But I would like to thank everyone that took the time to come out and visit us. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that are interested in our farm and the alpacas. I loved seeing the smiles on the little babies, the seniors and everyone in between.

This section of Wall that we call our farm has been my whole life.
I have lived here almost my entire life...childhood, adulthood and now my boys are growing up here. It's a special little plot of land and I think all of Wall has learned that too. It's turning into something that I never thought it would...and I love it.

I will post pictures when I get a chance. I have some great ones.

This one's for Tara...
"Do you know why alpacas hum?....They forgot the words."


Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain or Shine! It's Alpaca Time!!!

Once again, the Coast Star did a great job covering our little farm.

We have been busy around here getting the farm ready for everyone. This weekend we will be open from 10-4 for visitors rain or shine! We'll have lots of goodies for everyone to see...
Alpaca socks, adorable alpaca teddy bears (and other assorted animals...this year we have an alpaca chicken!!!!) Sweaters, gloves, hats, hand knits, yarn, and pumpkins.

Hopefully the weather holds up for us. I hope to post some pictures later this afternoon of our farm. It looks really pretty all decorated up for Fall.

Have a great Friday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making People Happy

We're a happy bunch most of the time. We try to put a smile on our face even in the most difficult and sad situations. I enjoy seeing others smile too. So, when my mom asked me to go along with her to speak to the Seniors of Wall (our town) I was happy to tag along. So Chase and I put on our best knits and headed out.

A woman had asked my mom if she could come to one of the meetings of the Wall Pride Seniors and talk about her alpacas. She wanted the meeting to be something different than their usual guest speakers. We went over to the Municipal Building and I will speak for myself when I really thought we were going to be talking to 20 people at the most. Hmmm...more like 150. Really! There were a lot of seniors at this meeting!

My mom did a great job talking about the alpacas, answering questions and displaying the beautiful things that you can make from alpaca yarn. I walked around and let everyone feel the soft fleece from one of our boys, Awan. Andee spun yarn on her drop spindle while my mom talked. Overall, I think we made some people happy and taught them a bit about the herd.