Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making People Happy

We're a happy bunch most of the time. We try to put a smile on our face even in the most difficult and sad situations. I enjoy seeing others smile too. So, when my mom asked me to go along with her to speak to the Seniors of Wall (our town) I was happy to tag along. So Chase and I put on our best knits and headed out.

A woman had asked my mom if she could come to one of the meetings of the Wall Pride Seniors and talk about her alpacas. She wanted the meeting to be something different than their usual guest speakers. We went over to the Municipal Building and I will speak for myself when I really thought we were going to be talking to 20 people at the most. Hmmm...more like 150. Really! There were a lot of seniors at this meeting!

My mom did a great job talking about the alpacas, answering questions and displaying the beautiful things that you can make from alpaca yarn. I walked around and let everyone feel the soft fleece from one of our boys, Awan. Andee spun yarn on her drop spindle while my mom talked. Overall, I think we made some people happy and taught them a bit about the herd.

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