Saturday, September 17, 2011

Helix Scarf

Since I had to rush home early from knitting club to save my house from burning down. You didn't get to see what I was working on. I made a Helix Scarf our of 100% baby alpaca yarn. This yarn is 100% natural alpaca yarn, never having been subjected to dyes or chemicals. I am very happy how it turned out.

My husband had called me at knitting club and told me I need to come home because there were explosions in the house and he smelled smoke. I told him to put the kids and dog in the car and I'd be home in a few minutes (just after I finished the row I was working on). So I got home and the firemen arrived shortly after me. They cut the electric to the house and walked me around the house with flash lights so I could collect my valuables. So picture me with a firefighter in full gear walking me through my house and the first things I grabbed were my most recently knitted items for the Open House, my yarn and project workbooks that have all my patterns and notes. The fireman was like, "okay did you get all your yarn." I tried to explain how devastated I'd be if I lost my hand spun yarn. I'll have to knit them some socks so they appreciate my yarn.

Our house is safe and still standing. The power lines at the street were fried and causing our house to have electrical mayhem. It looked like lightning was coming out of our house. One of the surge protectors started to melt and caused smoke and a terrible smell. But thanks to the Glendola Fire Department, Wall Police, my parents, neighbors and JCP&L we are back in our home. (I still feel safer leaving my yarn in my car, just in case.)

Have a great weekend-


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  1. Glad to hear your family, house and yarn are all safe! I would be hard pressed to know what to grab in a minutes here either. Likely my wheel and the girl's moses baskets which are filled with the favorite too dear outfits from all the kids. or I might grab toys for them. I don't know. Grabbing your projects makes sense. I love the scarf too.