Friday, September 16, 2011

Knitting Club

Last night proved to be another wonderful knitting group. Fall decided to join us last night. Seriously, I was hot, had the air conditioner on in the afternoon and by night time it was chilly! Really chilly! Sweater weather!!!!

We headed over to Lizzie and Nick's house. All my boys were in tow because Rick had to run Meet the Teacher night at his school. So Uncle Nick was awesome and played with the big boys. He also treated us to some of his super duper fancy Soda Stream that he just got for his birthday. My kids thought it was very cool.

Tara working on a beautiful scarf. The yarn is so pretty!

Liz doing an awesome job as aunt..see Chase's little hand sticking out?

Chase getting spoiled by his Aunt Tara

Quinn proved to be a seriously dedicated knitter. She attended the Phish benefit concert for those affected by the floods in Vermont. She drove over 12 hours within two days and made it home in time to join us. However, she did not knit. She just couldn't. But she provided us with some laughs and served a mean apple pie. (Thanks Tara for the pie!!!)

Wii makes knitting club fun for my boys.

We had a new student!
Ilse joined the crew and she was a natural. I did a quick demo for her and she took right to it. I love it when someone learns this craft that I love so. I'm also impressed that she understood what I was saying because Ilse is originally from Mexico and is new to this country and our language (and I had two glasses of I'm sure my explanations weren't as clear as they usually are!!!!) But she left with a smile on her face, a new ball of yarn and some knitting needles.

Andee had to make an abrupt exit. Sean called her and told her that their house was full of smoke and there might be a fire. She quietly, calmly left and didn't make much of it. Well, firetrucks were called...her kids were taken to my parents and I'm happy to report that the house is still standing and hopefully fine. It was a problem with wires outside and the electric company was able to make the repairs throughout the night. The surge protector had blown so hopefully all appliances are ok. Yikes!

I also wanted to share some pictures of the gorgeous yarn that Liz and my mom have hand dyed. These will be available for sale at our Farm Day next weekend. Yummy, squishy, fabulous yarn.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Your knitting group sounds like a really fun group! I went to prayer shawl meeting last night and we always knit and laugh---but honey, the wine was in short supply! I'm ready to so the heel on a pair of toes up socks--- a new skill for me.