Friday, September 2, 2011

Hay is for alpacas

Bailing Hay

Woke early in the morning, it was time to bail hay.
Put on the ragged clothes, lots of work to do today.
Off to the field , and to work we go.
The bales are waiting, all lined up in rows.
Stack those bales, all nice and tight.
You will be assured, that you will sleep good tonight.
Toss those bales, over your head.
Just a few more, and its off to the shed.

Off to the barn, in the truck and trailer.
The works not done, for our hay bailers.
Stack those bales, from trailer to floor.
Stacked to the cieling, now its time to get more.
Back to the field, for another load.
Stack them up tight, don't lose any on the road.
Back to the barn, to stack them up straight.
A helper just told me, that he just saw a snake.

Stacking the bails, from bottom to top.
With a cool glass of water, that really hits the spot.
Back to the field, for another load.
Looking like scarecrows, with hay all over our clothes.
And to the barn, watch out for the ants.
They will crawl up the leg of your pants.
Down comes a stack, with two people up top.
They are hanging from the rafters, trying not to drop.

Almost finished, it is the last run.
We are hot and sticky, from the hot sun.
Back to the barn, it's so full , it seems.
You have to duck, or hit your head on the beams.
But, the hay is all put, safetly in the barn.
I have ant bites, all over my arm.
My muscles are sore, I'm covered in hay.
A nice hot bath, and in bed I will lay.

This country style workout, is done with no weights.
No push ups or sit ups, but you will be in shape.
For a full workout, you don't need any gym.
Find someone hauling hay, and work out with them.

by Sean Rasmussen

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  1. Ahh yes, hay baling. I remember it well. Sweat, itching, sore muscles.

    I miss it not.