Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yarn Along - Sunset Highway

My Sunset Highway sweater is complete so I thought I would share it today.
About a month ago, I realized I was short on yarn for my Rhinebeck Sweater #1 (Super Soul Cardigan by MaryJane Mucklestone) so what do I decide to do while waiting for the yarn to be delivered? Well, cast on a new one....of course.

I had admired the Sunset Highway sweater and I thought it would be perfect. I love knitting color work and I'm a fan of wearing yoked sweaters. So I dove into my stash and I had everything I needed! I'm typically a project based buyer, but I always splurge on things that I just have to have when at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival every May. I picked up a bunch of yarn at the Backyard Fiberworks booth and I thought it would make a perfect Sunset Highway. 

Now...let's talk quickly about my taste in knitting. I don't like to have what a lot of other knitters are knitting or wearing. Call me weird, but I like to be a little different. So when I casted on this sweater, I didn't know anyone making it. Maybe I was in LaLa Land...I don't know but it seemed like as soon as I started I saw this EVERYWHERE!!!!! Kits are being made and sold through yarn stores, it's all over instagram I won't be the only knitter with this on at Rhinebeck. It will be fun to see all the color combos and how people put their own spin on the pattern. 

Some notes on my sweater: 
My gauge was off so my math minded sister, Andee, was kind enough to help math-dummy me and help me adjust my needle size. I knitted the large size with size US 3 for the color work and US 4 for the body. The dark gray yarn is cormo and it had a tighter gauge than the sock merino yarn. 

I haven't blocked this yet, so the photo is my unblocked version. 

For those of you who have been to Rhinebeck, or first timers, here's a fun blog post from Fringe Supply that sums it up pretty well! Check it out.

Happy Knitting!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NJ Sheep & Wool Festival Part 2

So if you read yesterday's post, I shared some photos from the NJ Sheep & Wool Festival. 
Here are a few more that I downloaded from my camera.

The first sheep's was right at the entrance with his owner. His name was Moose and he was having some stomach issues that day (that's the Pepto Bismal on his face!) But how cute is he in that hat!?

On the way home from the festival we took a quick walk around the Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville. We used to visit the flea market often we we lived in PA. It had a lot of really cool finds. I would have stayed longer but a certain Pittsburgh Steeler fan insisted on getting home to watch the first game of the season!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

NJ Sheep & Wool Festival

What a fun morning!! Two of my kids and my oldest's girlfriend took the ride with me to the NJ Sheep & Wool Festival this past Sunday. I had been there years ago and haven't been able to get there in a while. So it was nice to have the chance to visit. The festival has grown leaps and bounds since I had been there last. I heard there were 17 new vendors this year. It is like a tiny version of Rhinebeck. I got through the whole thing in 2 hours. 

I had fun visiting my friends at the Chelsea Yarns booth. It's always a thrill to see my graphic design out in the wild :) Christina did an awesome job with her color-ways. Gorgeous!!! And the Big Kahuna! Lol!! How great is that giant skein!?

I have been wanting to do rug hooking of years now. A group of "hookers" were gathered around in one barn and I stopped and chatted for a while. They introduced me to the women from Green Mountain Hooked Rugs. I really enjoyed talking to her and she showed me everything I would need to get started. The wool colors she had were so pretty. She will be in Rhinebeck, so that's when I'm going to get a starter project. I'm really excited about it!

I came home with a few goodies....
2 handmade mugs by The Rogue Artisans
Skein of sock yarn by Bitsy Knits and a KNIT bumper sticker
Leather and wood feather shawl pin (I don't remember who I bought that from!)

I loved the sheep and the whole vibe of the day. It was a beautiful fall day.