Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 30 : Self Portrait & A Birthday

Day 30 : Self Portrait

I got a summer hair cut yesterday. Shortest it's been in a very
long time. Possibly ever. It feels so good. I think I lost 5 lbs.

So, here I am. Best I could do with my camera phone.
It's always so awkward to take a picture of yourself isn't it?

And today is my dad's birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!
We'll toast with a half & half this weekend.

Tomorrow's word (and the last one of the challenge) : Relax

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Wednesday and Day 29

It's Wednesday, Yarn Along Day. 
It's also Day 29 of the May Photo Challenge.

Today's Word : Light
This is a picture of the morning light this morning.
Taken around 6:30.

And now to the yarn along....
 Last Wednesday I didn't post. I had a good reason.
I was lucky enough to go on my oldest son's 5th grade class trip
to New York City. We took a charter bus into the city
and toured the Wax Museum. Very fun.
Thank you to my sister, Liz, for watching Chase all
day so I could go on this trip.


We also spent the afternoon hanging out in Bryant Park.
The kids had lunch and then took over the entire field for
some football games and girls did cartwheels.

 I did what any country girl would do in the city.
I knitted.

 I have been working on long, big, hard to focus projects.
What I'm finding is that these beautiful knitted pieces are taking me
much much much longer than they used to because of Chase.
He needs constant watching over. He's a wild one.
So I thought that it was time to start knitting up some little
hats and quick projects for the farm store.

I also had an idea that everything I knit could be inspired by
something from nature that I find around my home.
I dyed the yarn inspired by the robin eggs (can't wait to knit that up!!!!)

Here is the picture that I was inspired by.

And here is the little baby hat that was half knitted in NYC and half on the farm.
Knitted with baby alpaca and topped with a super cute green and cream pompom.
This should fit a 6-12 month old baby.

I love a good pompom

 And my wait is FINALLY over. This book has been released!!!!
I have waited years for this author to write another novel.
I started it last night and the only reason I put it down was because I was too tired.
I have a feeling he will not disappoint!!!

And a picture of Chase. Sometimes he looks so much like my niece, Jamie.

Back to my intense knitting. Hopefully I'll have my edging of the Juneberry Shawl complete
next week and wonderful pictures to share.

As for now, happy knitting and reading.


Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching Up : Day 25-28

I just haven't been myself lately and haven't had the time to sit and post.

So I'll do a bit of catching up now on my May Photo Challenge!!!

Day 25: Artwork
I found this on Pintrest and had it posted for Mother's Day

Day 26: Transportation
Brady and Chase driving around. He even stops for "red lights" and Gas (grass)

Day 27: Daily Routine
Saying hello to the pacas

Day 28: Nighttime
We went to a great bbq with friends Saturday night. Despite the wind, rain and chilly temps, we had a great time. This was the sky when we got home at nighttime....

Tomorrow's word: Light

Have a good day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24: Gratitude

Day 24 : Gratitude

I have been absent from this space for a few days.
Life got in the way. The good and the bad, the stressful and the fun.
 But here I am. Back.

I've failed with the photo challenge, but I'll pick up today.

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciationis a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

A golf cart full of alpaca fleece.
Happy, Happy, Grateful alpacas in the field!!!!
Shearing Day was a success.

 I didn't take pics of the actual shearing because Andee took so many. So here is a link to her post.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Things

I've been taking pictures for the photo challenge. I've also been pulling from the archives for a few.
I really do love taking pictures, I'm just not that good at it. I am impressed daily by my sister, Andee and her photography skills. She actually knows what all the little numbers and dials mean on her camera. I just hope for the best when I shoot and click. 

My youngest tends to be the subject of most pictures.
He's with me all the time and is extremely entertaining. So, he's in a lot of them.
If I look back through my photos of the past month, you would think I have
one kid and a whole lot of alpacas.

I have three kids and my parents have a whole lot of alpacas.

Anywho....just thought I would share some random pictures that I've taken lately.

 Music Enrichment concert night for my older two.

 Serious Swagger....look at those straight legs!
No splints now!!!

 Pollen on the wonder we're all coughing and sneezing


These next few pictures are cute.
He tried to figure out how he could get on that tractor.

 Couldn't do it himself....walked to me and grabbed my finger.
 And he's on and very happy.

Another page for my alphabet book. "Y"
 Sharing Cheerios

Harper the Dog and Brady the Kid

So, random pics. No theme, just wanted to share.

Day 21: Where You Sleep

Day 21: Where You Sleep
 May Photo Challenge

Where we sleep is also where this guy sleeps.
It's also where he gets sick. Last night was an ugly night in our house.
This guy got into something and thought our bed was a good place to let us know.
YUCK. He's not feeling well....I think we're headed to the vet today.

We have been very fortunate dog owners with him. He hasn't been sick and hasn't had an
emergency except the time he ate a bee and his face swelled up like a balloon.
But last night he had us so scared.You don't realize how much you love
him until something bad happens. He is a little better this morning, but still not himself :(
Hopefully he's going to be ok.

Tomorrow's word: Clothing

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mr. Bates

Finally got some pictures of our newest baby!

Welcome to the world
Mr. Bates!!!

Named after the Downton Abbey series. A handsome gray boy in his dapper "tux".

How cute is he???!!!!

Day 20 : Seasonal

Day 20 : Seasonal

I knit all year long.
Problem is, sometimes you can't always wear your knits all year long.
I do, but I'm weird. Most people slow down a bit in summer.
I get yarn in your hands and lap isn't ideal when it's hot.
But wait!!!!

Check out this cute little knit that is perfect for ANY weather :) Very "seasonal"

A Purple Blossom Bookmark

 Ravelry Link for pattern info: Here

Day 19: Best Friend

Day 19 : Best Friend

(a day late...but I got it on!)

These two little boys are best of friends. Chase is "reading" a book to his
little cousin, Wade.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 18 : Something New

Day 18 : Something New

We just had a beautiful gray baby boy alpaca join the world!
His name is
Mr. Bates!!!!!

How appropriate that he was born for "something new" day.

Day 17 : Memories

Day 17 : Memories

Some of my fondest childhood memories took place at this spot.
A lake in Maine, the same week every summer, cabins filled with families we
saw once a year, games of CAD, catching frogs, campfires, lobster feasts, the floating dock,
climbing the mountain, smell of bacon, my grandparents, dogs, mooseturd cookies.

From left to right....
Michael, Megan, Ellen from Massachusetts, Lizzie, Andee and myself (Leanne)

Good good memories.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 16 : Animals

Day 16 : Animals

That's Harper. 
The sweetest, most handsome, welcomed and hoped for dog.

He is the new guy that lives with my parents.

So happy to have him around.

 Tomorrow's word: Memories