Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9 : Inspiring Person

Day 9 of Photo Challenge : Inspiring Person

My Dad

I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by inspiring people every day of my life.
My husband, my kids, my mom, sisters, brother in laws, all my inlaws, friends....they are all
upbeat, loving, creative, successful, helpful and caring people.

So I thought, how do I pick one?

Well, I kept coming back to my dad.
I figure hey, he had the brain tumor years ago, so he wins. heehee

My dad....
If you know him, you know why his picture is up there.
If you don't know him, I wish you did and I hope you come by the farm and meet him.
You won't ever forget him. That's for sure.

A burly looking mountain man with a heart of gold.
He loves my mom more than anything. They're high school sweethearts and have been married
for 37 years. He raised his three girls to be as capable as any man.
He taught us that hard work pays off, how to hammer a nail and build things,
how to get dirty, how to mow the lawn, how to be good people, how to love our families
and it's always fun to take a good road trip with candy in the glove compartment.

As an adult, one of the qualities that I respect the most in my dad is how he was always
able to turn off his work stress when he got home. As a kid, I don't remember
a time that we knew if work was tough or if it was a hard time. I just remember my dad,
hanging out with us, taking us fishing, going to our soccer games and cooking up a mean breakfast.
He was able to let those things go and he still does. I don't know how he does it.

A man that can tell a good dirty joke, say things to people that NO ONE else can get
away with, a guy with a great laugh and likes to sneak Oreos from the cabinet.
He is forgiving, loving, will help anyone at a moments notice and an all around good man. 
A successful business man, a hard worker and a true family man.
There is no one in the world like him.

So that's my inspiring person.

And I also need to suck up to him right now because he saved my apple tree :)


Thanks Dad



  1. I think I really like your dad :)

    awesome photo too!

  2. He's one of the best guys I've ever met, that's for sure.