Sunday, May 5, 2013

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival was wonderful!!!!

I just spent a perfect weekend with my sisters, my littlest guy Chase and my nephew Wade.
We had a wonderful time. Great dinner, hotel was just right, perfect sunny skies
and spring temperatures to make the festival a complete success.

Andee toting her Yarn Along bag made by Lori. I got one too!!! Andee gave it to me as an early birthday gift. Thank you Lori for doing a beautiful job!!!!!

Got to love a tractor that gets you to the entrance if you need a ride.

The artwork for this year's festival cover. I hope to be the artist with the winning cover some day. I was sooooo close two years ago when I got the runner up prize. Some day......

Someone scored a skein!

This was a HUGE sheep!!!

This booth started the craze at our house!

Ham Gyros to be eaten on the hill. We finally learned to eat before noon and you don't have to stand in line for an hour.

I wait all year for this meal!

Two gyros, a baby and roving. Good scores!

Andee and I with our yarn along bags. Love them :)

My happy kid running around enjoying some time off of mama's back

These boys are too cute together.

My goodies!!!!!

Last year, Wade was in the belly. I'll post the picture we took of Lizzie last year. We're happy you were out this time little guy!!!! You were awesome.

More goodies

Fun to see people wearing their buttons around the fair.

Shearing with hand blades. Very cool.

See? We're not the only people that go to this, contrary to my in-laws beliefs.

I love these two.

Booth after booth of anything you could possibly need.

Veggies too. Need to get my garden going!!

Knitters hanging out before we left. Winding yarn, knitting in the shade.

Little girls.....we don't know how to make them. I loved her hat.

Heading out....back to NJ

A perfect weekend.

I could go on and on about the time we had. Really, it was wonderful.
If you haven't had the chance to go to this festival, it is worth the trip.
To be surrounded with people that love what you love is something wonderful.
Everyone is there with a smile on their face and yarn in their hands.
Not bad if you ask me.

For more pictures, check out my sister, Andee's blog. She has a different view of the trip and it's a good one.
I wish I took a picture of how she had to get in and out of my car. It was very funny.

Now it's time to get knitting up the projects that are on my needles and get on to the new ones!

Until next year.....

 (Andee took this photo but I grabbed it from her blog)


  1. Oh it was such a fun trip.

  2. completely amazing! knitting nirvana! i can't imagine, i think i would have anxiety just because there is so much to choose from i wouldn't know where to start! how to decide! i loved your photos, so glad you liked the bags, they look so cute filled with wool. what a time you all had!!
    and chase and wade!! SO cute those two!

  3. sisters = great weekend
    thanks for sharing all the photos!

  4. what fun, amazing fun.....i love fiber shows ! thanks for all the pics, felt almost like i was there..almost :) oh and that yarn - to die for.