Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Wednesday and Day 29

It's Wednesday, Yarn Along Day. 
It's also Day 29 of the May Photo Challenge.

Today's Word : Light
This is a picture of the morning light this morning.
Taken around 6:30.

And now to the yarn along....
 Last Wednesday I didn't post. I had a good reason.
I was lucky enough to go on my oldest son's 5th grade class trip
to New York City. We took a charter bus into the city
and toured the Wax Museum. Very fun.
Thank you to my sister, Liz, for watching Chase all
day so I could go on this trip.


We also spent the afternoon hanging out in Bryant Park.
The kids had lunch and then took over the entire field for
some football games and girls did cartwheels.

 I did what any country girl would do in the city.
I knitted.

 I have been working on long, big, hard to focus projects.
What I'm finding is that these beautiful knitted pieces are taking me
much much much longer than they used to because of Chase.
He needs constant watching over. He's a wild one.
So I thought that it was time to start knitting up some little
hats and quick projects for the farm store.

I also had an idea that everything I knit could be inspired by
something from nature that I find around my home.
I dyed the yarn inspired by the robin eggs (can't wait to knit that up!!!!)

Here is the picture that I was inspired by.

And here is the little baby hat that was half knitted in NYC and half on the farm.
Knitted with baby alpaca and topped with a super cute green and cream pompom.
This should fit a 6-12 month old baby.

I love a good pompom

 And my wait is FINALLY over. This book has been released!!!!
I have waited years for this author to write another novel.
I started it last night and the only reason I put it down was because I was too tired.
I have a feeling he will not disappoint!!!

And a picture of Chase. Sometimes he looks so much like my niece, Jamie.

Back to my intense knitting. Hopefully I'll have my edging of the Juneberry Shawl complete
next week and wonderful pictures to share.

As for now, happy knitting and reading.


Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.


  1. Such a precious little beanie -- the pompom is perfect. :)

  2. Mimicking nature. Definitely that is where to find perfection! Love the pom-pom, and anything made with baby alpaca is my favorite.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. i love the baby hat! and so lucky to go with your boy to the city! aw chase, he is so so cute.

  4. The pom pom is lovely on top of the hat. It's so nice knitting baby knits.