Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Things

I've been taking pictures for the photo challenge. I've also been pulling from the archives for a few.
I really do love taking pictures, I'm just not that good at it. I am impressed daily by my sister, Andee and her photography skills. She actually knows what all the little numbers and dials mean on her camera. I just hope for the best when I shoot and click. 

My youngest tends to be the subject of most pictures.
He's with me all the time and is extremely entertaining. So, he's in a lot of them.
If I look back through my photos of the past month, you would think I have
one kid and a whole lot of alpacas.

I have three kids and my parents have a whole lot of alpacas.

Anywho....just thought I would share some random pictures that I've taken lately.

 Music Enrichment concert night for my older two.

 Serious Swagger....look at those straight legs!
No splints now!!!

 Pollen on the shoes....no wonder we're all coughing and sneezing


These next few pictures are cute.
He tried to figure out how he could get on that tractor.

 Couldn't do it himself....walked to me and grabbed my finger.
 And he's on and very happy.

Another page for my alphabet book. "Y"
 Sharing Cheerios

Harper the Dog and Brady the Kid

So, random pics. No theme, just wanted to share.


  1. So cute! My nephew has the same shoes - I just love how cute they are!

  2. You've got some great shots there! I especially love the black and white tractor, the maple seed on the nose, and the hand holding one. Perhaps you're more of a photographer than you give yourself credit for! I think much of it is just taking a million shots anyways, then you end up with a few great shots.