Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 21: Where You Sleep

Day 21: Where You Sleep
 May Photo Challenge

Where we sleep is also where this guy sleeps.
It's also where he gets sick. Last night was an ugly night in our house.
This guy got into something and thought our bed was a good place to let us know.
YUCK. He's not feeling well....I think we're headed to the vet today.

We have been very fortunate dog owners with him. He hasn't been sick and hasn't had an
emergency except the time he ate a bee and his face swelled up like a balloon.
But last night he had us so scared.You don't realize how much you love
him until something bad happens. He is a little better this morning, but still not himself :(
Hopefully he's going to be ok.

Tomorrow's word: Clothing


  1. hope he's ok, leanne ~ sick pets are emotionally exhausting

    keep us posted! Melissa (he's a handsome boy!)

  2. Shibu Inu, right? I have a friend who has to - such sweet dogs.