Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Recap of Vogue Live 2018

Last weekend I boarded a train with my sister Andee and Paige (from Frame & Fiber) and headed up to NYC for Vogue Live! It was busy and fun and a whirlwind for sure.

We did a lot in the 24 hours we were there! We enjoyed time in the lobby of the Marriot Marquis with our friends from Chelsea Yarns. We laughed so much. Just having fun, relaxing, not working and enjoying each other's company.

After a few hours of chatting and knitting, Andee and I did a quick run through of the marketplace before our class with Bristol Ivy. BRISTOL IVY people!!!!!! She was adorable, fun, knowledgable and passionate about this craft we all love so much.

The class was a Finishing Technique class. It was worth every penny. I enjoy making pieced sweaters and I felt like the seaming part was something I struggled doing correctly.

After our 3 hour class we joined up with our friend Paige and bunch of other wonderful ladies.
We enjoyed tai food, laughs, knitting and story telling. Everyone knew at least one person at the table and because we are KNITTERS we all just got along! Of course we did!! I had so much fun with Shamkea from Brooklyn, Ellie (skein deer) from London/Norway, Kristen from Voolenvine, Denise from Earthtonegirl, Carol Bloom from Bloom Studios and a few other women.

I have to admit that I was so tired and didn't even make it for the check to arrive! It was late for me!!! I'm sooooo not a night person. So we headed back to our hotel where we knitted and had another glass of wine.

Saturday morning....
Andee had watched the Kristy Glass Knits podcast before we went to NYC so she knew about the knitter subway ride meet up. SO FUN! I'm so glad we went. About 70 knitters met up at 8:30 on the subway in Times Square and we TOOK OVER!!!! We all filled a train car, started knitting and the expressions on the non-knitter rider's faces was priceless. We met people from all over the world in the train car. After a 45 minute ride down to the end of manhattan and back to times square, we walked off with new knitter friends and good memories.

Then off to the marketplace to do a little shopping. Personally, I don't love the indoor shopping experience. I much prefer Rhinebeck and Maryland Sheep & Wool. The lighting is weird inside, it's so hot and that's so ugly!!! But I did pick up a few things and discovered a new yarn dyer that I really liked.

Later that day we hopped back on the train to head back home. I do love the city but I love our town even more. Much more my speed! Of course I casted on a new sweater swatch on the train ride home. I bought yarn for the Kirwin sweater. Inspired by this sweater, knitted by Kate Salomon from Green Mountain Spinnery. The color is so me. Mustard yellow, swampy greenish. All me!!!

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to do things like this. I went for a knitting class and got so much more out of it. I met new people, made new memories and had a great time.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Yarn Along!'s been a while since I've posted! I thought I would do a quick knitting recap of what I've knitted, finished, started in the past month.

First up is the Wee Chickadee Sweater that I made for my friend's new baby girl.
Ravelry notes here

And itty bitty little socks for my nephew's baby doll! He made a request for knitted socks for of course I made them for him. Too cute! I've added the little video my sister sent me for his sock request. Would you say no??!! Nope!

I started knitting my Liv Light sweater. I'm knitting it in Sweitzer's Fiber mill yarn that I bought on sale at Rhinebeck. So far it's a nice easy knit.

I finished my Zweig sweater. Not a great picture, but you can see that it's done!

I went up to NYC last week with my oldest son and his girlfriend. They wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History and just my luck....Knitty City was a block away! So OF COURSE I had to stop by for the first time. I unzipped my coat, and they noticed my Sunset Highway. So fun...they clapped for me! Such a fun and welcoming shop. They took my picture and put it on instagram. I picked up two skeins of yarn and I made the Kobuk hat with it. I have to take pictures of the hat.

And that's what I've been knitting lately. I've been enjoying snuggling under my new alpaca blanket and  drinking coffee out of a new mug from my mom. Hope you're staying warm wherever you are and have lots to knit!