Monday, September 30, 2013

National Alpaca Farm Days...Our Version

This past weekend was National Alpaca Farm Days.
It is a weekend that encourages all alpaca farms across the United States to open their farms,
free of charge to allow people to visit the alpacas, learn about the breed,
gain knowledge and share the love of these beautiful animals.

We have been a part of this great weekend for 4 years now.
Every year we are overwhelmed and astonished to see many new and returning
smiling faces that visit us.

We will never know how many visitors we had over the two days,
but we would periodically take a look around and count the groups.

We opened our doors, stocked the farm store and braced for the crowds.
We are guesstimating around 1,000 people said hi to our alpacas.
Pretty amazing.

Our yarn came just in time. The boxes are much less full today!!!!


We set up the pen and brought some alpacas up close and personal to the people!
Everyone seemed to love them.

 Andee was busy at the register all weekend.

Our new store sign that I designed. We look like the real deal now!
 My mom :)

 I loved watching visitors sit, relax and enjoy the farm. Some took time to watch the alpacas, some enjoyed the rocking chairs and snuck in some knitting and spinning time. Thank you Gina, for your beautiful message you sent through Ravelry. That's one of the best things about this weekend. It brings so many people together.
 The Chelsea Yarn girls!
So excited for them to visit the farm and buy OUR yarn!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.
 Seriously, is this baby the cutest??? I have very cute nephews :)

 My mom and sister sat throughout the weekend and showed how they spin the yarn on their wheels.

 Liz winding someone's yarn purchase

 A happy customer! 
She is the proud new owner of one of my grandfather's handmade yarn bowls.

 Paca watching...
 My mom giving Smoke Ring a big hug.

 The babies were a hit

 My mom and dad at the end of the day. We made it!!!!

Me and my boys
 Probably very mean of me to take this picture, but Chase was VERY VERY VERY tired after a long weekend and no naps and was VERY VERY VERY sad that Harper ate his hot dog.

 Oh....and a bit of happy news :)
Baby #2 is on the way for Liz and Nick!!
and it's ANOTHER BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes 7 grandsons for my parents.
No girls...... Tractors and dirt only I suppose.
Really...all boys. Out of 3 girls, we have produced 7 boys.
Thank you again to everyone that stopped by and enjoyed the weekend with us.

I also want to thank the visitors that sent us beautiful messages and notes.
They brought "tears to my mom's ears" (she knows what I means!)
But really, my mom doesn't cry. EVER. And she cried reading the notes.
It is all very touching and amazing.

Happy Alpaca Days :)

Thank You


Once again, we are touched by the amount of people that spent time at the farm this weekend to celebrate National Alpaca Farm Days.

We can not express enough how much it means to us to see happy, smiling people enjoying the alpacas and the farm as much as we all do.

I will post more about this later today with some great pictures :)

But for now, I say thank you on behalf of my mom and dad!
(the two behind this whole operation)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy Days of Fall

Fall brings busy days!!!!!
Earlier wake up times, mist in the field, schedules, school, baby alpacas, knitting and work.

Here at the farm we welcomed a new baby yesterday!!!
Melody had a long labor and was acting unusual. She is an experienced mom and seemed to
be struggling with this baby. Seemed ready to birth, but no pushing.
So my sister Liz, gloved up and went in. Yuck! But so very important.
Baby seemed to be in good position and maybe that's all Mel needed.
Because 15 minutes later, a beautiful healthy baby boy was born.

His name is Bocote.
Named after a dark exotic wood. He is the second cria born from our guy Tka Kigo.
This little guy is brothers with our other baby, Arrow, who was born only two weeks ago.

The human babies had fun watching the action.

Everyone was happy, tired and excited.
Maggie the alpaca thought it would be fun to hang out with my mom and Liz
at the end of the day.

This little baby was born just in time for our Open House this weekend.
He'll be the big attraction I'm sure!!!

Come on by this weekend, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 28 & 29th from 10-4 and meet the herd, have some fun and check out the amazing alpaca apparel, hand knits, socks and yarn we have to sell.

Happy Fall!