Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busy Days of Fall

Fall brings busy days!!!!!
Earlier wake up times, mist in the field, schedules, school, baby alpacas, knitting and work.

Here at the farm we welcomed a new baby yesterday!!!
Melody had a long labor and was acting unusual. She is an experienced mom and seemed to
be struggling with this baby. Seemed ready to birth, but no pushing.
So my sister Liz, gloved up and went in. Yuck! But so very important.
Baby seemed to be in good position and maybe that's all Mel needed.
Because 15 minutes later, a beautiful healthy baby boy was born.

His name is Bocote.
Named after a dark exotic wood. He is the second cria born from our guy Tka Kigo.
This little guy is brothers with our other baby, Arrow, who was born only two weeks ago.

The human babies had fun watching the action.

Everyone was happy, tired and excited.
Maggie the alpaca thought it would be fun to hang out with my mom and Liz
at the end of the day.

This little baby was born just in time for our Open House this weekend.
He'll be the big attraction I'm sure!!!

Come on by this weekend, Saturday and Sunday Sept. 28 & 29th from 10-4 and meet the herd, have some fun and check out the amazing alpaca apparel, hand knits, socks and yarn we have to sell.

Happy Fall!

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  1. what a beautiful place...
    aww a baby, how sweet.