Friday, September 20, 2013

The Gift of Crafts


Among our knitting obsessions over here at the farm,
I picked up embroidery again in the recent months.
My mom did embroidery many moons ago, my grandmother also is amazing
at needlepoint. My friend, Quinn, has shown an interest in my new hobby
and so for her birthday I thought I would make up her own little started kit.

I embroidered a simple felt needle case with a "Q" on the front.
I blanket stitched two pieces of felt together, tucked in some needles,
thread and hoop and a yard of cotton fabric.

It's always nice to pass along a gift of crafts.
Hopefully she'll have some time to create and enjoy, relax and be creative.

For a great tutorial on embroidery, check out

It's a great website for all crafty things!
I've taken her class and now I'm hoping to start designing my own
pieces with alpacas!!!!! Wouldn't that be cute?

Happy Crafting!


  1. awesome gift, Leanne! I would be so tickled to receive something handmade like this ~ what a lucky girl Quinn is to have you as a friend :)