Monday, September 16, 2013

It's not Wednesday

I just realized that I haven't posted since last Wednesday, which usually prompts my father to call me and ask me what day it is...because according to the blog, it's Wednesday.

So, no it's not Wednesday. Now it's Monday.

Thought I would share some random tidbits from the last few days.

We celebrated my little nephew, Wade's, 1st Birthday.
He is the cutest little guy. So much love for him. 
It's going to be an exciting year for much to learn and see. 
It always amazes me how so much happens in their first few years of life.

 Lots of boys....All the grandkids on one couch.

 "feeding the dog"

We're still waiting for this lady and Spicy to deliver. Any day now!

(I rarely exist in here's a half of me)

Got the urge to make some cookies. Good old fashioned oatmeal cookies did the trick.
Celebrated the first full week of school for all the menfolk in my house.

 Forget all those fancy recipes...The Joy of Cooking book never lets me down.

Knitting for my newest little neighbor, Ella. I can't wait to go over and meet her. 
Whipping up a sweet little sweater for her. It's not often I get to make something for a baby girl!
This sweater will be a brown and purple one. I think she'll love it (at least her mom will)

Speaking of yarn...
Treated myself to some sock yarn (top skein) and
some fun sport yarn in a fun pink.
I feel so fortunate to have a few wonderful local yarn shops to go to.
It's fun to visit them all and spread the wealth. Buy a little from here and there.
These two skeins are from Chelsea Yarn in Colts Neck.

Working on some new farm advertising and banners...
Remember, National Alpaca Farm Days are coming up!
Sept. 28th & 29th at our farm. 10-4.

Ok...back to work!



  1. Kids, cookies, alpacas and yarn. A perfect Monday post.

  2. A really fun way to catch up with what's happening with you all and all the handsome boys. Wade is a year old already! How did that happen so fast? I've noticed that other people's children really grow extra fast!

  3. love the couch full of boys! and the half pic of you too, have a lovely week leanne!