Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coop Knits Yarn Along

Today is always a day that is heavy on the hearts for Americans.
We all remember the day like it was yesterday.

To lighten the day, I am sharing some knitting projects,
joining in with the yarn along and celebrating two 1st birthdays.

On the Needles & Off:
 Casted on this cardigan
I made this same sweater years ago when I first started knitting. I made a ton of mistakes first time around, but loved the sweater. I wear it constantly. I thought it would be nice to try it again, with a gray wool, a structured ribbed edge and buttons all the way down. And reading a new Living magazine. Normally Martha intimidates me and makes me feel bad about myself, but this pumpkin me!!!!!

I knitted my first ever pair of socks!
I received some sock yarn in a genie swap from my swap group on Ravelry.
So, I thought...let's give this whole knitting sock thing a try.
I made them low, a bit too big but really enjoyed making them.
I'm hooked.


I also finished up the Just Enough Ruffle Scarf
using Ox's yarn. Love it. Super soft, nice drape and just the right size.
Made from the yarn of our black alpaca, Ox, spun with 30% grape colored merino.


Originally knitted and made with two pompoms on the edges, but the menfolk in my house told me to put the corners together and just do one. Well, ok then.
 This hat is named after a cutie pie, Olivia, that often visits the farm and wears this hat.
(but with 2 pompoms on the corners)

Last knit from this week....
It should fit a baby from 6-12 months or maybe up to 18 months.

The scarf and hats will be for sale at our farm.

And for those birthdays....

Happy 1st birthday to our little alpaca girl, Aponi!
Named after the butterfly that landed on her right after her birth.
Aponi is native american for butterfly.
Born on September 11th, bringing new life to the farm.

And this was Lizzie one year ago today during the birth of Aponi. 
If I remember correctly, she went into labor with Wade that night....who was finally born on the 13th.

We will be gathering tonight to celebrate Wade's 1st birthday. A few days early!
Happy birthday little man!!!!!!!!!!! We love you so much :)

Joining in today with Ginny for the yarn along.


  1. what eye candy in this post!!! all those knits---fabulous, but your little man at the end.....adorable! Happy birthday, big guy! ONE!!!!

  2. What lovely projects you got going on!

    (Love your clogs, by the way! I have a similar pair that I got from Land's End for a steal.)

  3. Your knitting is beautiful. I loved all the great pictures. Such inspiration.