Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baby Boy!!!

Welcome to the farm little guy!!!
You are handsome, just like your daddy. Your fleece is awesome and we're so happy you are here!

Star gave birth to a healthy boy this morning around 9am.

Still no name, but here are pictures...


 Brand new...getting warmed up by my mom

 A treat for the mom, food for Star

 Spectating and eating Wade's puffs

 Still warming up
 Cousins sharing some puffs

 Morning drinks and knitting had to wait...baby came quickly!

 Outside with mommy

 Looking for the milk bar

 Looks like a sweet boy just like his dad, Kigo. This is the first baby bred and born on the farm.
It's also Kigo's first offspring. Very exciting.

 Look at that curly fleece!!!!!!!

 Star is a very good mom

 Left alone to bond and rest.

The other girls are watching.

Spicy is due now too. Look at that big belly! 
Cria season is so much fun (when births go as easy as today!)



  1. welcome to the world, Jared Flood :)))))

    I'm sure the original would be very honored if he knew, Andee

    I love living the alpaca farm life vicariously throught you ~ thanks for sharing so much!

  2. Hi Dee - Love your website. The alpacas are adorable. The baby is so cute. Would love to come down sometime & see them. Maybe Amy & I will visit one day. Hope you guys are doing well. All the best, Claire Olender

  3. They are really woolly and looks so cute.