Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweater Weather Yarn Along

Happy Yarn Along Day!

It's been a sweater knitting week over here for me.
I casted on this little sweater for my newest little neighbor, Ella.
I can't wait to go over and meet her and I don't want to go empty handed, so knitting as quickly as I can. Going to add a purple button band to the front and it still needs sleeves.

I made some more progress on my Bus Stop Cardigan.
I knit it mostly while I wait at the bus stop four times a day with my boys. 
It's also almost the exact same color as my minivan interior.

The leaves have begun to fall. It feels so crisp and cool in the mornings.

I should really order yarn more often. (if I could afford to I would!!!)
Pretty much the happiest mail delivery when some squishy new wool is in that mailbox!
This is my first ever Brooklyn Tweed yarn order.
I have a huge knitting crush on Jared Flood but haven't used his yarn.
I am going to make myself the new Bray Hat from his Fall 2013 Lookbook.
Using the two skeins on the left....
I plan on making a hat for my boys with the other two skeins and the leftover of mine if there is any.

And the littlest man...played in this shed for 20 minutes.
Picking up a rock, going inside and throwing it through the open window.
Kept him  very happy and busy.

And a quick shot of the alpaca barns, close to nightfall.

Happy Knitting.

Joining in with Ginny and the other great knitters out there.

Please swing over to my sister Andee's blog to see her amazing new
Stephen West shawl. Gorgeous. She needs to slow down with the amazing projects!!! She makes my project wish list longer and longer!!!!! If only I had the time!


  1. What a sweet little sweater! I too have been thinking about ordering some Brooklyn Tweed! I don't know what I'm going to do with it exactly, I just want some :) Happy knitting!

  2. nice sweaters :) ...and ALPACAS!!!! one of my favorite animals! right after cows and sheep :D yay they're so cute!

  3. The sweater looks so cute! I have to come over and check out your new yarn!

  4. ...what a lovely sweater. SO many beautiful skeins of yarn and I love your pictures!

  5. That little sweater is so sweet. Lovely yarns!