Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Yarn Along

Hi everyone. I apologize for being so quiet around here. I can't seem to keep up with things lately!!! I guess it's that time of year. Busy, busy, busy! With the busy weekends in the farm store, I also had a holiday band concerts that I perform in. We finished up our holiday season and as much as I will miss playing for the next month, it's nice to have a little break. I haven't been knitting as much as I would like to, but I do have a few things on the needles and one off that I thought I would share.

I am knitting up a Georgetown Sweater using alpaca/merino yarn that I hand dyed with the help of my sister, Liz. I am working on the k1,p1 ribbed collar and I'm pretty sure this is taking me longer than all the other pieces combined! 

I am halfway through In a Dark, Dark Wood. It's a best's quick to read but I'm not so sure on how much I like it so far. We'll see...

I finished up the Prim hat. Knitted it with yarn from our farm. It's the Ono, Stone blend and it's AMAZING!!!!!!!! The mill that my parents have used the past two years is top notch and are doing a beautiful job with the yarn. It's uniform, beautifully spun, bouncy, soft. Perfection. I would like to get a fuzzy pompom for the top. I think that would make it complete.
Photos of the handsome boys that "grew" my yarn are below.

I have a few gift knits that I am working on too, so can't share pics of those!
Hope you are enjoying the holiday preparations. I have so much to do!!!!!! 

Happy knitting. Joining in with Ginny at Small Things for the YarnAlong.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekends in the Coop

The Coop days are in full swing at the farm! The store is stocked with gorgeous yarn, hand made knits, alpaca socks, sweaters, coats, accessories and gifts for everyone on your list! 
We are also all stocked up on farm honey.

Come on by and say hi to the alpacas and do some shopping!

Hours through Christmas: 
Friday: 12-4
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday: 12-4

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We Voted

I don't think of myself as a political person. I have strong feelings about how I raise my family, personal decisions, etc. But when it comes down to political discussions, I tend to stay out of them. However, I do feel strongly about voting. Being a woman, a mom, a wife, a co-worker, a school volunteer, I really can't imagine what it would feel like to NOT have a say in what goes on around us.  

So, head out and vote. As nervous as I was to vote for someone today, it felt good to be able to push that button, show my kids what it's like to vote and do my part, however small it may be.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All About Fun

Hope you all had a fun and happy Halloween!
We sure did!!!

We had a rooster batman, happy clown, mummy, pirate, and a lumber jack.
The teenager just walked around with us and the middle schooler went in another neighborhood with his friends, so I just have a picture of the little cousins.

It's was so much fun and a success!

Monday, October 31, 2016

When your sister rents a fancy camera lense....

When your sister rents a fancy camera lense
you get super pretty colored pictures of you, your new shawl and your kiddo.

Thanks Andee!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Because I Met Annie

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had the pleasure of meeting Annie Rowden of "By Annie Claire" during my trip to Rhinebeck. (My "meeting"...I saw her on the hill, freaked out and practically ran her down to say hello and get a picture) I have gushed over her patterns and how much I love knitting what she designs. She has a way of designing a pattern that is a perfect balance of ease and focus. This knit definitely fit that bill. I knit this giant shawl up in 6 days. I haven't finished something this size so quickly in a long time! I worked on it every chance I had.

I bought a skein of Miss Babs Killington yarn in the Moss color way at the festival. Yes, I stood in that crazy long line, but honestly part of the fun is waiting in line and chatting it up with fellow knitters. And Robin had the chance to take a selfie with Stephen West while we were in that was worth the wait.

Anywho...I had never knitted with the Killington yarn and I LOVED it! It is a lofty sport weight blend of Polwarth wool and Tussah silk. It has a subtle sheen, a slightly crisp hand, and excellent yardage.
Size: 700 yd / 8.5 oz (640m / 240g) skeins
Content: 85% Polwarth wool, 15% Tussah silk.
Gauge: Sport weight. 5-7 stitches per inch on US 3-5.
Miss Babs link to the yarn: Here 

My Ravelry Notes: Here

I think I need to knit one of these up in some Alpaca Farm Yarn.....ahhhh would be heaven to wear.

Below: Rhinebeck, Annie wearing her Purbeck shawl. I am in my Illas Cies sweater

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rhinebeck 2016

My artwork was #5. Fingers crossed that I win this one...

Above: Annie Rowden, my favorite designer. I was star struck. I love everything I have ever knitted by her and I may of gushed a bit too much over her. 

And is there anyone better than Amy Beth (aka The Fat Squirrel)?!??! She's the best!

RHINEBECK!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful. A group of 7 ladies all sharing a rental house for the weekend. Two were Rhinebeck newbies and as excited as I was to be there, it made it even more fun to see their excitement. Our house was perfect. The wine, food and friendship was plentiful. The "celebrity" sightings and photos ops were awesome. The podcast meet up hill was like a scene from a boy band concert!!!! Too funny. Wow, we get excited to see people we only know through the internet and podcast world!

I'm thankful for the knitters that make up this community. We are happy, dorky, goofy people and there are thousands of us! The love of a hobby that weaves us all together forms a quick common bond to strangers, designers, farmers, shearers, knitters, weavers, crafters, fiber junkies, podcasters, bloggers.

Three of the women that were in our house this weekend were my students. How happy I am that they walked into my life and wanted to learn how to knit. Life long friendships have formed.

Now, how many days until next year's festival??!!!!