Monday, October 17, 2016

Rhinebeck 2016

My artwork was #5. Fingers crossed that I win this one...

Above: Annie Rowden, my favorite designer. I was star struck. I love everything I have ever knitted by her and I may of gushed a bit too much over her. 

And is there anyone better than Amy Beth (aka The Fat Squirrel)?!??! She's the best!

RHINEBECK!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful. A group of 7 ladies all sharing a rental house for the weekend. Two were Rhinebeck newbies and as excited as I was to be there, it made it even more fun to see their excitement. Our house was perfect. The wine, food and friendship was plentiful. The "celebrity" sightings and photos ops were awesome. The podcast meet up hill was like a scene from a boy band concert!!!! Too funny. Wow, we get excited to see people we only know through the internet and podcast world!

I'm thankful for the knitters that make up this community. We are happy, dorky, goofy people and there are thousands of us! The love of a hobby that weaves us all together forms a quick common bond to strangers, designers, farmers, shearers, knitters, weavers, crafters, fiber junkies, podcasters, bloggers.

Three of the women that were in our house this weekend were my students. How happy I am that they walked into my life and wanted to learn how to knit. Life long friendships have formed.

Now, how many days until next year's festival??!!!!


  1. awwww leanne, it looks like you had a wonderful time!! all the pictures and that beautiful home, wow, how lucky you all were to have that experience together!! those that you have taught are so lucky to have began the knitting journey with you!!! it is your spirit and love for knitting that is contagious and addictive!!

    i loved this post and i am not jealous at all!!!

  2. that is one swanky rental!!! looks like a wonderful time with wonderful friends doing what is the best thing in the world. Sharing our crafts!!

  3. Oh it was such a great weekend!!! I am finally going to try to get all my pictures together. It really was such a fun time. Thank you so much for putting this trip together it was EPIC!

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  5. Best weekend ever! We're doing it again next year right??