Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yarn Along

Sorry for being so boring today.
I haven't been knitting much this week.
My body hurts. Stupid body. Haven't really been reading either. I told you...boring.
I'm stillllllll reading Garden Spells and just can't get into it or I get tired and fall asleep.

So, for my boring knitting post today.....

 Just wanted to share my mother's day card from Garrett.
It says, Best Knitting Mom Ever. And he made a ball of yarn, needles and yarn ball.
I love it so much.

I dyed some yarn this week. It's inspired by the robin eggs that are in the nest of the window sill.

I plan on knitting a terra shawl with this.

New kiddo books! Stopped by Andee's house last night to let the kids play and she sent me home with lots of kid books. Some were my older boy's books so it's fun to see them again.

A little bit of work done on my Ease sweater.

More work on my Juneberry Shawl.

Some pretty hand spun skeins done by Liz. So pretty!

Joining in with Ginny and all the other knitters.
Happy Knitting!!!



  1. Those books got some good use from us. I hope Chase enjoys them as much as we did. Your ease sweater looks great and I love the color for your Juneberry. That is one fantastic card.

  2. Totally love your Mothers day card. And gorgeous blue colour you made.

  3. you are so lucky to have each other, 3 fiber loving sisters! LOVE the card, how cute is that?! all your knitting is beautiful leanne, but the robin eggs and blue alpaca made me gasp out loud. if i were andee i would tiptoe over late at night and spirit that blue away. lol. (i'm not kidding).

  4. Love the card! Beautiful robin egg blue! Loving the basket of hand spun!