Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Knitting....

She's a knitting machine!

Andee has a few more projects that I wanted to share with you. They didn't make it into the yarn along yesterday because my little man thought it was more fun to insist on being held than let his mother work on the blog. Gee...had to choose the mom thing on that one.

So, I'm happy to share some more fab projects from my sister, Andee.

Nicholas Hat
Andee made this infant hat for her friend's new baby Nicholas.
The yarn is a peruvian alpaca yarn.

"Star" Pocketbook Slippers
She made these Pocketbook Slippers out of the yarn from Arrow Acres Alpaca "Star".

Ox Ear Warmer
She washed, carded, spun and knit this earwarmer. The fiber is from Arrow Acres Alpaca "Ox"

And because two of these projects were made from our guys, I'll show you their pictures too.

The ear warmer is from our handsome boy, Ox.
You can click on his name to see more of him on our webpage.

The slippers are from Star's yarn.
Here is a link to Star's page on our website.

Random yes, but just wanted to share a picture of my baby boy.
Because pictures of babies are cute and usually put people in a good mood. And he is laying on the knitted blanket I made for him, so knitting related!

Chase- 8 weeks old

Have a great Thursday. Knitting club tonight!



  1. Is Chase a bit red-haired, or a blondie? I love Andee's knits, they look so soft.

  2. Ann, I have somehow managed to create two red haired babies. Chase is a strawberry blonde (we think). My oldest is a red head and always has been. This baby is pretty much a clone of him but not quite as red. Red hair was a SHOCK the first time around!!!