Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer's Last Blast and School Begins

School started around here late last week. And mother nature gave us a last blast of heat!
My mom went away to visit her best friend in North Carolina, so my sisters and I took care of the herd during the day and part of that job is keeping them cool.
We have two girls that are due to deliver soon so we kept a close eye on them. No babies yet.

We had a great time hosing the herd down throughout the past few days.

Here are some photos to share the fun!

That's Lily. Her baby is due very soon and not surprisingly, she was first to the hose!

 Lily gives Chase a kiss on the head. I think she was happy for the hose.
 Chase helping Aunt Lizzie

Wade liked the puddles under the new curly willow trees.

We also have shade tents set up for the herd. The little boys liked it too.

My littlest kiddo started preschool. He had his first day today. Lots of crying and tears (and I cried too) which was interesting because I am a teacher's assistant so I had to hide my face while he screamed and cried which caused me to cry. But after only a few horrible minutes of crying, he loved it. I was able to sneak a few peeks at him throughout the morning and he seemed to do great. Phew. That was a close one! The first few pictures are from orientation day.

And my big kids headed off to school too....
7th grade and 5th grade. They didn't cry. Although I think if my 5th grader could have cried, he would. He didn't want summer to end.

And a few random pictures off my phone....
Morning knitting

Pediatrician office knitting (another pair of socks...I know! I said I would NEVER knit socks again.)

Escaping the humidity and heat on Saturday at the library.

I babysat for my sister, Andee over the weekend. This is her sweet dog, Rudee. She's such a love!!!!

And a picture from a knitting book. Alpaca? I THINK NOT! It's a Llama. But whatever...I won't hold it against the author. It's a nice book otherwise. It's the Knitters Book of Socks. (yes..socks)

First day of school...Chase sharing his artwork with Wade. They were so happy to see each other!

It's been a long few days and I know it's just going to get busier and busier. When did life get so busy? Off to make dinner and help with homework. Good thing Mom is landed in NJ and Dad is back from NY. The alpacas will be so happy to see their Bean Queen.

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