Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer's End Yarn Along

 Summer is coming to a close :( BOOOOOOO. 
My kids head  back to school tomorrow. Dalton is headed to 7th grade, Garrett to 5th grade and Chase starts preschool on Monday. The schedule free days are over for a while.
We were happy to sneak in an extra beach day yesterday despite the HOT HUMID weather!
Mother Nature is a funny lady. We had the most beautiful weather this summer and then BAM she hits us with horrible humidity and heat yesterday. But today is already better.

I have been doing a ton of knitting. It's crunch time for the farm store.
I knit as much as I can to have things to sell for the fall and winter.
I also throw in a few fun personal knits every once in a while so knitting doesn't start to feel like work.

This knit is for an alpaca friend of ours. She co-owns one of the alpacas, Lily, with my parents.
My mom spun her beautiful fleece into chunky bumpy yarn and I'm knitting up a simple seed stitch cowl as a gift. 

 (this is Lily the alpaca making a silly face)

 Chase asked me to take his picture. Ok.

Last morning before school starts...knitting outside

Knitting another pair of socks. And yes, if you have followed me at all you know I complained about making my first pair of socks. Well, I guess I need to eat my words because they are a fun thing to knit when you're on the go and don't want to carry around a pattern and lots of yarn.
So yes, knitting more socks. This time inspired by Manasquan blue and gray colors.

This story terrifies me. It's so real and so scary and yet I keep reading. It's our book club book and some of the girls read it and insist I finish. So I have panic attacks and read through.
 Morning sun

I LOVE knitting baby sweaters. It's officially my favorite thing to make.
This is a little sweater for my aunt's friend's grandbaby. She had asked me to knit a sweater so I made another one with this pattern.

Joining in with Ginny and the weekly Yarn Along. 
Happy Knitting!


  1. It's hot and humid here too and now it looks like we have rain headed out way for the weekend cancelling my beach plans.
    I love your knitting!
    I Am Pilgrim is scary? Oh my.

  2. Looks like the end of summer was great. That alpaca yarn looks amazing and fun to knit with - such a cute picture of the Lily! I wished baby boy sweater patterns were as cute as girls one!

  3. My first visit to your blog and I'm inlove! Your son is adorable and I love your knits. It was really humid here in VA the last few days, and we're suppose to have storms the rest of the week. Perfect weather for knitting.

  4. Keep saying good things about knitting socks! Its on my bucket list, to knit a pair, but I'm too intimidated.

  5. I love that last picture with the view of the alpacas. :-)

    Beautiful projects!

  6. i really can't believe you are knitting another pair of socks ;)

    hat's are compact and travel well!! i knitted when ever i could while i was away and my little knitting bag held what i needed. i was able to knit on the plane, both ways = another hat done!! YaH!!!!

    lovin' that chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love that chunky, bumpy yarn. I will be so warm and cuddly as a cowl. I have yet to try sock-knitting. I like the yarn you are using. Your baby sweater is adorable. Happy knitting for your store.