Saturday, August 8, 2015

Winnie Winnie Wenge

It's an exciting time for Arrow Acres Farm.
Our breeding program is established and proving very strong. 
Our beautiful Bay Black female will going to the Breeder's Edge Auction in two weeks.

If you are new to alpacas, an auction is where you take your best animals for selling.
It's a high quality event that allows other alpaca breeders to enhance their herd and for sellers to make a profit on their animals.

This is Wenge (Wen-gay) We call her Winnie here on the farm.

My mom and Liz spent some time today to work on her fleece to spin into yarn.

This is the raw fleece right off the animal. This is what it looks like before it has been processed and washed. When it's complete it will shine!
First step was getting the mini drum carder turned on! They feed the fleece into the carder to make all the fibers go in the same direction.

 Then they roll off the first batch.

Looks like alpaca cotton candy!

 Then it's off to the spinning wheel.

As Liz was spinning the yarn, my mom got working on more fleece to create the roving.

All of this shown here is done on a small scale. The majority of this work takes place in a large fiber mill with giant carders and machines that spin the yarn.

So it's always fun to see it done by hand at the farm.

I'll take some pictures of the yarn when it's all spun and off the wheel.

Here is some information on our girl, Wenge.
ARI#: 32515251
DOB: 6/7//14
Color: Bay Black
Maiden Female
               CCNF Royal Ring of Fire
Sire: CCNF Smoke Ring
               Maid Marian D531 AOA
               Peaceful Valley Tristan
Dam: Emelise’s Geneva
               Emelise Sterling Silvia

Wenge (Wen-gay) is named after an exotic wood known for its dramatic brownish black appearance. Her gorgeous color makes her a stand out in the pasture.
Grey and color breeders should take a close look at her pedigree. Her sire is our LRG Multiple Champion, CCNF Smoke Ring. Her grandsire is CCNF Royal Ring of Fire, who has sired a myriad of Champions in all colors. Her grand dam, Maid Marion, being LRG has the honor of producing the finest fleece at CasCadNac Farm which amazingly beat out the elite whites.
Like her sire and dam, Wenge possesses amazing fleece with dense, uniform crimp and long staple. She added the bright color as a bonus.
Wenge also shares her parents’ sweet and gentle disposition. Wenge is well-grown and ready for the show ring. Take her to the Fall shows, rack up the ribbons and then breed this beauty. We suggest a breeding to one of our up-and-comers -- Arrow Acres Stone, an A Paca Fun Farm's Intrique son, or Arrow Acres Mr Bates, our MFI Formula One son. Both are Arrow Acres Farm Logoribbon-winning grey males that the judges have been loving. As another option, we are offering a transferable breeding with CCNF Smoke Ring to any of your owned girls. Take her home, show her, breed her, enjoy her!

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