Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi-Knitting...Kind of....

It's Wednesday, and that means Yarn Along Day. I have worked a few rows on my sweater but it looks almost exactly the same as last week. So I didn't take a new photo.

Here's last week's just for a reminder.
Ravelry Link: Illas Cies sweater

I started a new book and I can't put it down!!!!!!! It's been a long time since I have felt this way about a book. The title is, Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. That's a heck of a name for a suspense author. It can't be real. Can it?  The book is intense, twists and turns, gives clues at the end of the chapter, weaves 3 storylines into one....some of my favorite kind of writing. I just got to a part that is very dark and a bit disturbing, but still can't put it down.

Since my knitting looks the same, I thought I would start daydreaming about my next projects.
So here are some photos of knitting project to maybe inspire you too.

Chase asked me to knit him a bunny toy. He picked out this one, so that's what's next for sure.

Sweater link

Joining in with Ginny and the yarn along.
Happy creating!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MIA- Yarn Along

Hi Purple Debbie :)
She left me a little note wondering where I've been. We are deep into baseball season and it's been sucking up all my outside work time. We've been enjoying playoff baseball and both boys are doing awesome. Nail biter games and victories! 

But I have been knitting behind the scenes (of course).

I finished up the back of my sweater and I am half way through the front.
I am loving every stitch of this project.

The sweater name is Illas-Cies
It's designed by Anne Hanson and I'm knitting it with Miss Babs Yowza in the Oyster color way.

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather! Finally feels like spring and almost summer.

Joining in with Ginny for the Yarn Along!