Monday, November 11, 2013

Nature Exchange

A few weeks ago, I signed our family for a nature exchange.
We were matched up with Wendy and her two boys from Oregon.

The idea was to gather small items from nature that are from your area.
Put them in an egg carton and mail them to the other family that was in another region of the United States. We had a really good time collecting things, figuring out what everything was and packing it up. It taught the boys (and myself) more about the things around us, different parts of the country, mailing, etc. It was fun and I thought I would share some pictures of the box we received.

The thing we were most surprised to see was that we sent very similar things!
Despite being on opposite coasts, we packed up beach sand, crab claws, feathers and pinecones to name a few. It was a great experience!

Thanks Wendy, Wyatt and Hudson for the great treasures!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Leanne! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your boys holding the items we sent. I'm also glad to have discovered your blog through this process--we have an alpaca farm not far away that we have visited during the summer where I've bought alpaca yarn to knit with; fun to see another family's experiences with that process. Thanks again!