Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yarn Along

Hi guys. Happy Yarn Along Day.
I don't have much to show and share because my body rebelled on me and hurt like crazy all week. Not a fan of when that happens!!! So, had to take it easy and give my shoulders, hands and wrists a break. It's baseball season and that means lots of baseball bleacher knitting.

Last night was my middle son's first rec game and I was there knitting on a sock.
A lot of our teammates are the same as the past few years (we have the BEST team!!!)
One by one, the families trickled in to the field and all commented on what was I knitting?

One dad that we are friends with said to me, "If I had walked over here and you weren't knitting I would have taken your temperature to make sure you weren't sick!" I had to laugh. Because it's true.

What are you knitting? Share with us and everyone over at the Yarn Along!

Sock: Vanilla Latte Sock (minus the ribbing)
Indulgence 6 ply sock yarn. Size US 1.5 double points.

Why the Sky is Blue by Susan Meissner
It's free on Kindle Prime right now. I read two of her books and LOVED them both.
This one is really good so far. I love her style of writing.


  1. I love your boots! Who made them???

  2. What brand of boots are those? I'm looking for cowboy boots for myself and don't know what brand to get