Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Our Podcast! Episode 2: Cheers to Maryland

Thank you sooooo much to everyone that watched our first podcast episode! We have loved reading your comments on the channel. Thank you for subscribing and giving us thumbs up!
We had so much fun that we recorded a second one. We're still figuring out the editing and how to do this thing but we are having a blast!

In the second episode, Cheers to Maryland, we talk about what we've finished making along with our guide to going to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. We have tips and pointers, what we hope to buy, places to eat and of course general blabbering about life and lots of laughter.

Here's the link to Episode 2 of Cocktail Hour at the Coop


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  1. i'm so glad you two are doing this, it's like visiting you during baseball season!!