Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to my mom!

Today is Mother's Day.
So I would like to publicly wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day and share a bit about her and what makes her the best mom in the world.

My mom has three daughters. Two of us live within walking distance to her and the other one is a few minutes away. I think this is proof that we like her :) We like her a lot.
Throughout my childhood, my mom was always upbeat, funny, caring, supportive, encouraging, strict enough to keep us all in line, loving and wonderful. She made our home the kind of house every kid would want to grow up in. The house was always filled with our friends, random animals, people stopping in to see the horses, soccer player parents hanging out around the dining room table, kids playing in the pool and running around in the big backyard.

Growing up, we had horses. I think there is a picture of me in a saddle when I was a week old.
Animals have always been a part of our lives. We had horses for many years, always a dog or two in the house, a cat, birds, fish, newts and other critters. It was always interesting!

In the past few years, all three girls have moved on (although not far away!)...gotten married and two of us have had our own children. She is now the grandmother to four little boys and one more baby boy on the way. She loves our boys and would do anything for them. I love to see her with them. Always thinking about what they would like to do and keeping them happy.

Last July, my mom lost her mom. I watched her care for her for so many years. Doing everything for her like grocery shopping, taking her to her appointments, buying her clothes, taking her food and everything in between. She is the most giving woman that I have ever met. She did it all without complaining and with a brave face. Throughout the time that my grandmother's health was really failing, the alpacas came in to our lives.

The exciting decision was made to bring these wonderful fuzzy creatures to the farm and my grandmother was so excited about this. She knew how much my mom loved animals.
I wish so much she could have met them. But she passed away just weeks before Awan and Kal got here. We know that the alpacas brought so much joy to both my mom and my grandmother in those last few weeks of her life.

The picture above just shows everything I love about my mom. She's still a little kid at heart. Smiling so silly and loving her animals...with some grandkids close by.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
We all love you very very much.
And so do your alpacas...

Love, Lee

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