Thursday, May 12, 2011

A little trip to the festival

Last year was my first trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Oh boy...I was in heaven! Last year, my sister, Liz and I lost my mom many times throughout the weekend because she would wonder off. But it was always easy to find her. She was the lady hanging out at the alpaca pen. She fell in love with those fuzzy creatures and that night she knew that she had to have some of her own. She had already done a lot of research on alpacas and was very interested in joining this wonderful community. The next month the first fence post when in. After a long, hot summer of putting up fencing, barns and everything else that needed to be done, the alpacas were here. And my mom is still the lady hanging out at the alpaca pen. Except now she gets to go IN the pen :)

I'm a lover of the alpacas. I do love these funny fuzzy animals. But I'm also a lover of the sheep. My heart melts when I see them. Maybe it's their curly hair that I am attracted to. I am in my third trimester with this baby and was a bit nervous to take the trip down this year, but I did it. I took my best friend, Tara with me. I walked very slowly, sat on the grassy hill to eat my fresh ham gyro (yum). Together we enjoyed every minute of the festival. We came home with some fabulous yarn, full bellies and tired feet. It was a good weekend.

Just wanted to share some pictures from the festival. If you have never been there, it is a wonderful place. I feel like I'm in heaven at the show.

Beautiful hand dyed yarns...

Buttons from Melissa Jean (love her stuff)

This guy made us laugh. A newly sheared sheep in his sheep sock!

Baby's First Festival

Some of the goods...

Until next year....

Tomorrow is shearing day! We'll post lots of pictures for you all to enjoy over the weekend.

Happy Knitting

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