Thursday, January 5, 2012

Heaven Has A New Very Loud Barker

On New Years Eve, we had to say goodbye to Maisie.
Maisie was my parent's golden retriever. We lost her brother, Chester, last October.

She was a sweet girl. Crazy Maisie we often called her (not Lazy Maisie as we had hoped for!)
She barked at the sky. She barked at the pine cones. She barked at the wind. She barked at the clouds.
You could hear her for miles.

She loved to go for rides. She loved to play with her ball. She loved to lay at your feet. She loved to swim in the pool with the kids. If you threw the ball into the pool, she would leap in. We used to think she could be an ESPN competition dog. She never stopped. Even in her last months when she was full of arthritis and her old age was getting to her, she still managed to get around. 

She lived for 11 years. She was a good girl and she will be missed. Her hair will linger on forever in my parents house. A golden retriever is good at doing that.

Bark away Maisie Girl. I promise I won't yell at you.



  1. Aww, look at that sweet face. Are your folks likely to find another dog to love?

    My sister's dog Zoey died a year ago in the summer and Jane has always had biggish dogs. But their new dog is a Teddy Bear (shih-tzu, and bishon). She's a great little dog, but has no idea that she's small. She's a big dog in a small body. We all just love her.

  2. Very nice post Leanne. And to Ann I think my parents might be holding off getting a new dog right away. I think it has something to do with 13 alpacas on the farm, 2 coming from Ohio, and 7 on the way, canaries, coy, and two cockatiels. I think they are going to borrow my sister's dog Finn when they feel like having a dog around. But we'll see how long that lasts. It is hard to think of my parents house without a dog.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss... May she rest peacefully in the fields in Heaven! =)