Saturday, January 14, 2012


This past week, we had a wonderful visit with a writer from The Jersey Shore Magazine. Jen Enright came to the farm on Wednesday and spent some time with us and the alpacas. Somehow the magazine had heard about our farm and they wanted to do a feature article on us. Amazing right? So Jen came by, spent some time with our fuzzy buddies, hung out in the coop and asked questions. We swapped stories, personal and professional. Jen was wonderful. An animal lover at heart, mom of three kids and she just "got" us, if you know what I mean. I know she will do an amazing job on the article.

But the point to this post is that we are so very thankful. In the year and half that the alpacas have been on the farm, we have met the most wonderful people. We have been featured in articles, graced the front page of the newspaper several times and all of this without us asking for the coverage. People have been drawn to this little farm and when they leave, there is a smile on their face. Every day, I see cars idling on the road, sometimes moms with little kids in the back seat, sometimes couples, sometimes teenagers, sometimes grandparents with their grandchildren, all admiring the alpacas and always with a smile on their face. This farm is blessed. I truly believe that MomMom has some crazy super-human powers up in heaven and she has brought us this good fortune. Along with MomMom, our first dog, Arrow, whom the farm is named after, must be up there also bringing such nice attention to this little farm.

We are excited to see what Jen writes about us. The article should be out in March or April.
I'm sure she'll do a great job!

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