Monday, March 31, 2014

Catching Up

For the past few weeks, someone in my house has been sick.
So, it's been a lot of down time for me, stuck in and around the house and not much getting out.
So, I thought I would share so pictures of what has been going on around here
over the last week and weekend....Nothing too interesting...lots of knitting, animal loving, kindle watching and reading.

I knitted up this little vest to sell in the store. It's made with alpaca yarn.

I finished my sweater. I haven't taken it off since. Seriously. I haven't. I promise that I won't wear it every day for the rest of my life, but I worked hard on it and I'm so happy to have it on.


 My sister Andee released a new pattern, so I casted on.

The weather was a little nicer on Friday, so we got out a little to say hi to the alpacas.

 Liz is due to deliver this baby any day. She looks like she's squatting him out. Sorry, TMI.

A highlight from the weekend was an author signing we went to.
Our local bookstore had Dan Gutman visit to meet and get an autograph.
He is a famous children's author and my 10 year old's favorite.
 Great guy!

I was planning on attending my cousin's baby shower, but since I was still sick and another kid got the crud, we stayed home and I knitted. A friend of ours had a baby girl over the weekend
so I made my first attempt at an original design.

First attempt: FAIL!
 2nd attempt: SUCCESS! I'm going to write up the pattern and release it :)

A sleeping toddler. Ahhh. Wrapped up in my Leaves of Grass knit.

This kid and his Kindle watching....

Sunday...some kids feeling better and we had to get out of the house.
We live on my parent's farm, but sometimes it's fun to go to another farm.
We drove over to a local farm to visit their animals. 
And surprise, we actually saw a sign of spring...buds on the trees!

After the farm visit my sister Liz and I went out for an awesome lunch WITHOUT the kids!
She ate something spicy, we walked all of Manasquan with hopes that the baby would come out.
He didn't. Boo. Soon though. SOON! Come on baby boy we want to meet you!!!!

So, that's about it for now. Hoping for warmer weather and some baby news from Liz :)

Have a good week!


  1. I always love your photos....those alpacas always make me smile! And your pattern......adorable!!!!

  2. Nice to see you back. Sorry about the crud, though.

    Hope all the new crop of cria(s)? are safely born.

    Alisa is right. Your alpaca faces are wonderful!

    1. Hi Ann :) Baby crias are due in May (well, the first batch are!) Hopefully it will be a great birthing season. Now just waiting for the human baby to be born!