Monday, March 3, 2014

Color, Yarn, Winter Blahs, for Nan & GPop

I don't like to complain. I shy away from those who do.
But I'm kinda over winter. Like really over winter. I love the snow. I do.
I like the cozy days inside, I like the excuse to knit longer than usual and keep some twinkly white lights up on my mantel, I like candles being lit, I like soup, wintery food, sweaters....I do.

But I'm ready for outside. Gardens, walks to the bridge for leaf races, kids running around without frozen faces, sun, warm breezes, fishing in the pond. Watching the alpacas play in the sunshine.
I'm ready. Very ready. This winter just seems to be dragging. Perhaps it is a crazy two year old that is causing me to feel this way. Or the anticipation of windows open and birds chirping.
I don't know....I'm tired of being cold.

OK. Complaining over.

Nan, I did get your voice mail and I'm sorry I haven't called back.
Seems like I don't get a minute of silence with all these crazy great-grandsons of yours around!
So I though I would share photos from the past month.
It's a mishmosh of kids, yarn, farm stuff, etc.

This post is for my smart grandparents that winter in Florida. Smart People this winter!!!

New yarn in the process of being spun by my mom. I LOVE these colors!

YARN! We're carrying new yarn at the farm. Tons of gorgeous Cascade alpaca yarn along with our farm yarn, hand-dyed yarn by Liz and baby alpaca yarn.
Love it.

Snow today, but kids were going to have school on Saturday if they didn't get the day in!

I didn't take this picture of eggs. It's from a facebook post but i loved it and wanted to share it.
It made me happy. So....there ya have it.

SNOW PLOWS! Thank you kind people for making the roads passable.

 My 9 (almost 10! year old) is in his first year of playing the trumpet.
I am extremely proud of him and he seems to be a natural.
He comes from a long line of musicians and I'm excited that it's in his blood.
I too have picked up the flute again and joined a band. It feels SOOOO good to be back in a concert band...playing music....escaping for 2 hours a week.  Through the band that I am in, we had the opportunity to see the US Army Field Band and Chorus perform. I took Garrett with me and we had a wonderful time. I was blown away by the talent. It was so enjoyable.

So nice to have a break from the cold 2 weeks ago. Knitting on the coop porch was so nice.

 We threw a little surprise baby sprinkle for Lizzie.
It was great. Turtle cupcakes by my mom....
 Quinn kisses
 Lots of stripes!!!!

 Chase and Tess chilling out on the steps

 Chase wanting to be just like Dalton with his baseball gear on.

I found out this week that Jeter's breed is closest to wolf dna than any other dog breed and the oldest known domesticated dog.
I'm not surprised. We always say he's a wild animal! And we love him.
(he's a shiba inu for those of you that are wondering)


Freshly chopped firewood. Man, we've needed this!

 I made MomMom coffee cake. Yum.

 This guy is a good helper.

"working the coop"

Liz giving a spinning lesson

Wishing it wasn't so cold outside....
 More yarn for sale

Liz's hand dyed yarn

Beautiful spring colors in the coop for sale!

6 more weeks until this little baby boy's due date!!!! So excited to meet him.

And there ya have it. Random....yes. But that's life right now!!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry you are over winter, it's been rough for y'all. My sister called from Va. this morning to tell me it was snowing again and she isn't sure how much more she can take.
    Love seeing your beautiful family and all the pretty yarn.