Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yarn Along Time

Hello and HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!
We made it! Kids are out. Temps are warm and clocks are out the window.
Happy days :)

It's Yarn Along Day...
Time to share what you are knitting and reading.

I knitted up another Outlander Cowl.
My sister, Andee designed the pattern. Now, yes she is my sister so I might be bias, but honestly this is a wonderful pattern! I never get bored and it's easy to travel. Perfect combo!
I used up the rest of the skein from my first version and used a second skein to finish up.
This one was knitted on size US7 so it's a smaller version. I sold the first one in the farm store last weekend, so this one will be on sale too! 

 Haha!!!! Garrett has alpaca ears! A blooper from my angle while Garrett took my picture wearing the Outlander Cowl.

 Hi Smoke. He got a fancy hair cut around his face this week. Our award winning shearer paid the farm a visit to shear the babies and Smoke got some special treatment!

And onto the next knit. Another Outlander. I told you! I don't get tired of this pattern.
This time on big needles like the first and in a light gray alpaca yarn that we sell at the farm.

I tried reading Outlander....I just couldn't get into it. So I stopped. Fail. But I picked up a new book and I loved it by the second page. So hoping this one keeps my attention. 

Miss Dandelion Deer has a new friend. Mr. Basil Fox is all together.
This was supposed to be a gift for Chase's birthday, but he's already playing with him.
I am intimidated by the tiny doll clothes that need to be sewn, so I think I'll knit him a sweater.
Who needs pants? Not this guy. Donald Duck didn't. So he doesn't.
I am making him a knitted scarf right now.

A whole armful of goodness.

I added some felted embellishments to my Smoke Alpaca Slippers!

And some weekly outtakes......

First summer morning. No bus stop. No craziness. Just calm, slow morning.

Garrett won the championship! Very exciting!

Babies got haircuts!

Have a great week!

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.


  1. beautiful knits (as always) and I love the alpaca ear photo bombing. Looks like summer is in full swing!

  2. I'm looking forward to knitting the Outlander. I have some handspun that will be perfect. I love your Jenny the Potter mug. Have a great week!

    1. You'll love the pattern and handspun will be perfect!

  3. that picture of the boys from the side is simply amazing, one for the wall for sure!!

    these are lovely pictures of you here, really beautiful!!

    ps....somewhere i commented on the fact that i want to sign up for the summer hat class. if there are still openings, could you please pencil me in and send me the details, i will send you out a check!!!