Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rhinebeck 2014

Once again, Rhinebeck did not disappoint!
Beautiful day spent with two of my boys and one of my sisters.
Beautiful knits, yarn, fun, food, PRETTY LEAVES, inspiration, friends, authors, contests, games and more. Sharing our experience through a gazillion pictures of the day....

Loaded up the car and headed out at 6am. Arrived 2 1/2 hours and ready to stand in the long line!
We had to wake Garrett up (my 10 year old) and we were trying to convince him that this would be FUN! He wasn't so sure at first!!

The Jennie the Potter line at 9am. Glad I already had a mug safely at home! 10 year old was trying to read this and understand what this was all about.
We kept on walking.

Was so excited to see my artwork on back of the program! Wowzer!
2 years in a row of being in top 10. I want to win this thing sooooo badly!

Hay bale maze fun

 The leaves, the leaves, the leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Fun for the kids, games and balloons.

 How "fall" is this table? Hot cocoa, leaves and cinnamon.
 Garrett kept spilling down the front of him. What a boy.
 The tortoise and the hare. Heehee

 This pretty girl was my favorite sheep of the day. The farmers were so nice and we had a really good time talking to them. Later on in the day we watched them compete and they won!

Caught a sheep trying to eat Andee's yarn bag.

 Saturday is crowded!!!! Eat early and shop during lunch time. That's my advice.
 One of the best parts of Rhinebeck is everyone wearing their hand knits. They're everywhere! From the jaw dropping beauty and skill to the fun and silly knits. It's the best :)

Starting to get a little punchy :)

Book signing events is one of my favorite things about Rhinebeck. Amazing knitters, spinners and craftsmen at their tables ready to meet you and sign a book. I heard an interview on the Knitmore Girls Podcast with this woman and I knew I had to go meet her and pick up a book. I don't spin, so this will be a gift. But I want to spin. I think...ahhh!

Visiting booths and feeling yarn from companies that are usually only available to me online.
This was the booth I was most excited to visit. And it didn't disappoint! I picked up some wooly goodness for a sweater. It was the only thing truly on my list of what I wanted to buy so I was very happy.

Sheep poop on the's to be expected.

Andee saved my back by going to the car and getting Chase's little stroller.

People enjoying some down time on the hill. This woman was painting. 

 I'm not the only person taking pictures of the leaves. This knitter was one of thousands to snap some foliage shots!

 That's the nice shepherd we chatted with and one of his rams.

 My Chase. I love this boy and how much he loves his animals.

 Waiting in lines is actually fun at Rhinebeck. You get to chat with knitters, ooh and ahhh over what everyone is wearing and also feel completely at home when the person in front of you has a cable hook in their braid.

 What are you making? What are you wearing? Ooh! Ahh! Pretty! Stalking, petting, complimenting. It's all par for the course at Rhinebeck.

Cider donuts to top of the day.

This booth wins my prize for the cutest booth. The woman in charge rocked her overalls and how cute is here helper? I'm assuming it's her son. He was so sweet and helpful. Booth name is Leah Stickle/Yarn Garage. She carried project bags, totes from Fringe and more. Andee bought me a circular needle case for Christmas and generously let me have it now! I love it so much.

How cool is this yarn tree stand?? And the owner of the booth was very cool.

 New pattern that looks like fun to knit. Fun yarn from Dragonfly Yarn
 My Bartlett Yarn purchase. It will be a Monte Rosa sweater for myself.
 These two looked like they walked off a movie set.

Lizzie's twin?

 6 hours of walking around enjoying the sights, it was time to go home. Thank you Rhinebeck for being amazing once again. See ya next year!


  1. I am so sad it is over :( It was such a great time. Next year we stay over and enjoy the cute town. Thanks for driving!!! I had such a great time I can't wait until next year!

  2. One of these days!! Being 14+ hours away it is going to have to be a carefully planned trip.

  3. Aw, what a great recap! Thanks...from one who missed going this year :-(. And I think your artwork is a winner! Fingers crossed!!!

    1. Thanks! I thought of you while we were there! It's such a great event.

  4. Thank you for capturing the day so perfectly! Glad I got to say hello to you!

  5. love it all ~ I've been back twice already to look at all your photos!

    everyone in your family is a ham :)

  6. Hi! In the picture"starting to get a little punchy" u have on a beautiful blue cowl/scarf. Can u share the pattern for that? I woul live take it. Enjoyed your pics. Hope to get to that fair someday! :)))

  7. Can u share the pattern for the beautiful blue cowl/scarf u r wearing in some of the pics? I love it!

    1. That's my sister Andee wearing it and it's her original design, Standing Stones. It's on ravelry. Miss babs also has it displayed in her booth!!!

    2. Beautiful! Thanks for your reply!

    3. Omg! I just realized where u live! The alpaca farm on Allaire Road, my absolute favorite drive to get to Spring Lake! I lived ther on Tuttle and Third for 17 years. Just moved to Charleston about a year ago. Just love your place. I am a friend of Sue McCarthy's. That is how I saw ur link. Small world. I am looking forward to looking up the sweater pattern :)))

    4. We're actually not that farm, but the one around the corner on Bentz Rd. Believ it or not there are two alpaca farms in wall!!

  8. oh i loved this leanne! you guys have too much fun. your little guys are SO cute and such good sports. crossing fingers for your design, it's perfect! hi andee!

  9. I cannot wait till next year already have plans with my 3 knitting BFFs to drive on down to Rhinebeck. Thank you for the wonderful recap

  10. Such fun...every year I say I am going to take more pictures...but every year the yarn fumes get to me...I posted mine on Monday...its also fun to see if you can find yourself in anyone else's pictures...your boys...too cute....

  11. I just found your post and was so excited to see the sheep festival pictures. As a former Ny girl who lives in Florida my husband took me to the festival. So excited to see all the places I saw there. I especially loved the picture of the boys in the sheep cut out. My G-granddaughter saw the cut out and said ' come on great grand dad lets be sheep' I have a sweet picture of them. Such great memories and wishing I could go this year. Love your blog . Alene