Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Girl and Some Knitting

There's a new girl at the farm!
Introducing MFI Out of This World. We're calling her Spacey for a nickname.
She is coowned by my parents and Emelise Alpacas.
She competed in the North American Show this past weekend in Syracuse and earned herself a blue ribbon.

(photo taken by my sister, Andee)

She's a pretty one with beautiful fiber.

And on to some knitting for this week....
A good friend of mine asked me to knit a sweater for her nephew's first birthday.
Her family had an old sweater that was passed down but was on the "girly" side. It had a hood with a zipper all the way up the back. She asked me to recreate it in gray alpaca.
I used this pattern as a guide. I knitted it with 1.5 skeins of Cascade Pure Alpaca yarn that we sell at the farm.

I worked on my Sheep Sweater (sorry alpacas!) I am loving it. It's super sheepy. But it's also very tough on my hands and wrists. It's nothing like knitting with alpaca. Alpacas, you totally win in that department. I am knitting this with Bartlett Yarn worsted weight that I got at Rhinebeck. Andee would be dead if she was knitting with this yarn (she's allergic to wool)
It's hard to photograph when it's all stuck on a circular. But you get the idea...It will eventually have a contrast color of a pretty plum purple at the seams.
Sweater Pattern: Monte Rosa by Isabell Kraemer

And one more little project that I am working on...
Fingerless mitts to go with my apple green alpaca coat.
Knitting with Dragonfly Fibers yarn that I got at Rhinebeck. It's the Falling Leaves colorway.
Pattern is an improvised version of the tincan knits mitts.

That's it for knitting this week. What are you working on? Please share with us!

Joining  Ginny and the weekly yarn along.


  1. Love the sweater, great color and so classic, I'm sure they will be able to pass it on for years to come! The sweater is so beautiful, I queued the pattern as soon as I saw it. It will look lovely with that purple contrast, too! Will that also be from the Bartlett Yarn? I'm working on my first pair of socks right now, it's been a journey so far :)

    1. Just took a second look at your pattern page on ravelry. The blackberry is going to be gorgeous!

  2. Spacey is so cute, I can't wait to meet her!! I am still knitting hats, I think I have finished 14. I completed and sent out the hat I knitted for the cancer patient and have given each of my boys one. Eleven are here, ready for Christmas gift giving!!

  3. Love the colors of the mitts!!! But love the color of your garment even more. I love my greens!!

  4. Monte Rosa is going to be beautiful!! And such a cute knit for a 1st birthday!