Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little Boys, Adventures and Alpacas!!!

Fall is in full force here at the Jersey Shore! The leaves are beautiful and the weather has been very fallish :) Sweater Weather!!!
It's been 2 years since Super Storm Sandy and at this time 2 years ago, we were still in the dark. The shore is still recovering and building and things look so much better for the most part. But this post has nothing to do with Sandy. Just a thought that was in my head this week.

Spent some time with Lizzie's boys this week and thought I would share some photos of the "little boys". (there are 7 boys between the three of us and these 3 little boys are the only ones not in school full time. So they get to play a lot)

So....lots of photos of little boys, adventures to one of our favorite spots (Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, NJ) and some farm shots of the alpacas.

 The picture below is a girl walking two dogs and a guy walking a pig.


Arrow Acres in the fall...


 New grass

Hi Peanut Butter Dickens :)

Happy Fall :)