Thursday, January 15, 2015

A day late...Yes Dad, it's Thursday

I try to keep up with a blog schedule and Wednesday is usually the day I make sure to post. I join in with the other knitters in the internet land and usually update people on the critters of the farm. But I missed it yesterday as my dad liked to point out. I receive emails from my dad with just a subject line....I THOUGHT IT WAS THURSDAY. And yes it may look like he's yelling at me that I didn't post with his upper cap letters but that's the way my dad types. All uppercase. All the TIME. He has written in ALL CAPS since email came to exist. a day late, but here's what I have been working on this week.

I had an order for a baby blanket and after the pattern was chosen, I realized it was no longer available for purchase. Seriously??? The designer took it off for sale in December. So it was up to me to figure out how to adapt a triangle shawl pattern into a square. With a houseful of boys (11 of them) and some pizza and wine, I figured it out! Horrah!

And as soon as I figured it out and wrote out all the schematics, Chase drew all over it. 
Of course he did. So knitting this up with Cascade Alpaca Pure from our store. Going to be beautiful!

Rick bought me a gift card for Christmas for Chelsea Yarn. I headed up last weekend and bought myself two skeins of the Anzula Squishy in the tan color way, the Madder Anthology 1 book and some new needles. I plan on making an infinity scarf out of this book. Have you seen the Madder Anthology 2? So pretty. I recently knitted the Barn Sweater by Carrie Bostick Hoge and loved the simplicity but traditional look of the sweater. I also knitted her Peerie Weerie boots by her so I am not officially a fan of hers.

The new field was ready for the big boys! So a few of them have headed over to the field outside my kitchen window. I had approximately 15 mini heart attacks the first day they were out there. I constantly thought an alpaca was loose. I'm really enjoying seeing them outside all the time.

I'm teaching a Fair Isle class at the farm in March. 
I am working out some charts and a hat that we will be making. 
I love fair isle so much. I'm going to be taking a lot of the tips and tricks I learned last year at Vogue Live Knitting with Mary Jane Mucklestone and passing it on to my students. 

I am also teaching a fingerless glove class. I'm teaching the basic form and then it will be easy adaptable with cables and patterning. These are knitted with Jill Draper Makes Stuff yarn.

So that's it for my knitting this week. Hope you're all staying warm if you live where it's cold!

Happy Knitting! -Leanne


  1. SO cute! I would love to wake up and see alpacas outside my window. Your color work is stunning as well! I love your yellow ball of yarn stitch marker, adorable!

  2. Oh that is a beautiful start to the fair isle knitting. I have not had much luck in the past (I pull too tight) but I am bound and determined to try again. Thanks for sharing (hopping over from yarn along)

  3. I missed my Wednesday blogging also. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. I really love that Fair Isle pattern you are knitting. I hope to be able to knit something Fair Isle sometime. Your chart makes it look so easy.

  4. Fair isle- gorgeous. You are extremely talented. So fortunate to be so talented at knitting.

  5. LOVE the fair isle :) gorgeous, and I get the days mixed up as well so you have company!!

  6. Beautiful muted colours on your fairisle. I can knit fairisle OK but find choosing the colours more of a challenge. One "off" colour and the whole pattern looks wrong.