Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Have you heard of the new podcast, Woolful? If you are an enthusiast of wool, fiber, yarn, sheep, alpacas, knitting, weaving, looming, etc you will really enjoy it. The twelth episode was just released at midnight and I am beyond thrilled that I was chosen for "The man on the street" segment.

Ashley from Woolful usually asks a question and asks for responses from other fiber people.
This time, she asked for our questions and she chose mine to answer.

Here was my question:
Basically I described that I am a self taught knitter. I learned by watching YouTube videos and lots and lots of trial and error. I learned by making mistakes and I believe in learning from making mistakes but sometimes there are mistakes that I wish I had been told and didn't have to experience!
I teach knitting every week at the farm and I asked Ashley what she wished she knew as a new knitter that I could share with my knitting students.

Check out the podcast for some great interviews and her answer to my question.

And speaking of Podcasts, I am always looking for some new recommedations.
Anyone??? My favorites are The Fat Squirrel Speaks, Knitmore Girls, Woolful, The Knit Wits.

Woolful Podcast Episode 12: Farm and fiber life, adaptation, design and the Isle of Purbeck 
(above photo from woolful.com)


  1. I love that you were on the episode with Benjamin! I am a stalker of his on Instagram. That makes you extra famous for being on the podcast. I love Woolful!

  2. i clicked on podcast, no picture, heard the words but not your name??? am i doing something wrong????

    what a great, soothing voice she has!!!!

  3. and i love the pic of you and those boys!!!!!